Haley and Thomas

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How We Met

Thomas and I met on a popular dating app called… You guessed it, Tinder! Not a fairy tale beginning but without a doubt a fairy tale ending! We began talking at a busy point in our lives, Thomas was working over 40 hours a week as a union ironworker, starting a side business & going to night school! I was working in a dental office and also going to night school. After a few weeks of communicating and seeing we had similar interests & goals we decided to have dinner late one night at Applebee’s’. Thomas had so much energy and was so positive that I couldn’t help but follow his enthusiastic personality. We talked for hours and it felt like I had already knew him my entire life. We had no awkward conversations or silences and were already talking about important things like kids, & careers, like we were already married! Are drive and passion about life was similar, we seemed to have mentally linked with each other without even realizing it. We talked well into the night until the restaurant was closing & ever since that night, we have been inseparable.

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how they asked

I am a very difficult girl to surprise and Thomas knew this! As we planned our trip to Las Angeles California with friends and family, of course I thought in the back of my mind that he “might” purpose in L.A! We had been ring shopping a few times and Thomas had said early on he knew I was the one. We landed in LA and Thomas did not have the ring ( I knew this because I may have looked inside his suit case) I was not upset because I knew whatever Thomas had planned would go above and beyond any fairy tale I could come up with (he is a hopeless romantic!!) After the best vacation and best week with friends and family we decided to drive to Malibu California and have Sunday brunch at Malibu Cafe & Malibu Wines. As we were enjoying our afternoon, a professional photographer came up to take our groups picture, nothing odd about this, I figured the guy worked for the Cafe because they were a popular wedding venue for the locals. Then he said couple photos were next and everyone insist me and Thomas go first, so we stepped forward and moments later I left Thomas leave my side. I looked and saw him on one knee and teary eyed looking up at me with a ring box in his hand!

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He smiled and my first words were “I didn’t know you had that!” This was probably the best thing I could have said at that moment! Thomas had called the jewelry store in Chattanooga Tn and asked them to overnight the ring to our house in LA ( I know SCARY!) He knew this was the only way I would be clueless about the proposal! He grabbed one hand and placed another on my leg as he told me how amazing our time together has been and how he knew from the first I Love You that he was put on this earth to love me unconditionally. As tears began to fill my eyes and all I wanted to do was yell YES! He opened the box and I gasped at the beautiful marquise diamond ring. We hugged and kissed and I heard everyone around cheer and applause as they witnessed our magically moment together. Shortly after all the congratulations and pictures, we emailed my parents the video of the proposal and all cried happy tears together as my parents expressed their happiness and excitement about our future life together.

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