Haley and Thomas

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How We Met

We Are Thomas and Haley, Established Halloween 2014 at a Concert in Tulsa, Ok. From the Moment We Met, We’ve Been Inseparable. We Share the Same Love for Music, Adventure, Traveling, Being Outdoors, and Captivating Every Moment and Memory With Those Around Us. We Strive to Be the Best Versions of Ourselves by Fostering Each Others Dreams and Encouraging Action Towards Those Goals. One of Our Favorite Memories Was Planning a Non-profit, Music-inspired Event Called the Blues Ball, Which Aimed to Educate Our Community About Men’s Cancers. Thomas Was Diagnosed in March of 2016 With Testicular Cancer and With That Experience, We Felt It Was Necessary to Share With the World How Common Some of These Diseases Are Among Men of All Ages and How to Seek Support. Adversity Alluded to a Greater Good Which Seems to Be a Common Theme in Our Relationship.

how they asked

Haley Had Planned a Getaway Trip to Jamaica to Celebrate Graduation, Thomas’ Birthday, 1-year Being Cancer Free…celebrate Life in General! Thomas Had His Own Agenda With Plans to Propose After Two-months of Waiting for “the Right Moment.” on Our Last Night, We Went on a “One Love Bus Tour” Where We Went Sightseeing and Saw the Beauty of Jamaica. That Evening Was Followed by a Hotel-hosted Dinner and Fire Dance Where We Got to Participate Unknowingly to the Host as “Mr. and Mrs. Thomas.” Haley Played Along and Thought Nothing of It but Having Fun.

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Thomas Then Led Haley to the Beach Where We Walked and Talked About Our Favorite Moments of the Trip Under the Bright Moonlight. Haley Babbled About the Rainstorm We Escaped From, Snorkeling Adventures Finding Keepsake Shells, Cliff Jumping at Sunset, Etc, When the Question Was Posed to Thomas, He Proudly Got Down on One Knee and Stated How This Is His Favorite Moment and Proceeded to Ask Haley to Marry Him. Truly, One of the Most Magical Moments to This Date. Thank You for Letting Us Share Our Story Thus Far!

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Special Thanks

Ashley Gongora
 | Photographer