Haley and Shane

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How We Met

As a little girl it’s always a dream to think of yourself as being a beautiful bride one day. It’s chalked up to a fairytale, a beautiful magical experience that one day you will meet your perfect prince charming… and for me it happened just as so. In a typical fairytale you are broken down or vulnerable and out of nowhere your knight in shining armor appears on his noble steed to take you on a new journey of love.

Shane & I first met back in high school. Little did I know that ten years later we would be together & engaged. We both ran into each other randomly at social events here or there.. I even remember one night at a party giving him a kiss on the cheek telling him I’d see him later (I know scandalous, but so what he was so handsome — and still is)! Well, the “later” didn’t come that night but it did a whole decade later. It all started in September, the Kern County Fair comes around that time. I’m not typically a fair girl, but since I was single & needed to blow off some steam from a Radiology program I was in during the time I agreed to go with one of my best friends. I literally had the best night EVER! It was just what I needed. I in fact had so much fun, I wanted to go again before it was over. Another one of my best friends was going to the fair that weekend with her husband and another couple, and who was I to care.. I was so used to being the odd one out in the love department I agreed to go with them. The night came that I was supposed to meet up with them… and no phone call… my best friends phone died & didn’t have my number to call from another phone! (Lame right? Haha, Thanks Erin!) Apparently the couple they were with brought someone with them. It was Shane. The other couple was his cousin and her husband. They randomly invited him to get out of the house. Apparently the whole night Shane was complaining about being left out and how he needed to find a girl friend.

That next Monday, I had my friend (Erin) that I was supposed to go to the fair with and my friend Amber come over and help me finish moving into my new place. She was saying how sorry she was… and also talking about how great of a time they had. She then started telling me about Shane, when Amber said OMG I totally remember him from high school! Haley, you should totally go on a date with him, I know that he would be so into you! ….Well I guess you only know what came next… SOCIAL MEDIA! Haha, I felt like we were totally in grade school again! Erin sent Shane a message on Facebook that basically was a picture of me and giving him my number. He text me about 10 minutes later. That night we talked on the phone for hours and hours and hours, until what felt like I watched the sunrise. We ended up going on a date that very next night.

Tuesday night rolled around, I was so calm and easy going about the date.. usually I’d probably be a nervous reck, but there was just something about him that I could already tell made me feel comfortable. He called me when he got into my complex, I walked out.. just in case you know he turned out to be a weirdo! Haha, you never know! Anyways I got out to the parking area and my prince charming didn’t pull up on a white horse, but a big lifted white truck. He got out and gave me a hug, opened my door waited until I buckled up shut the door and then he got in. All of the sudden my heart started pounding out of my chest, he started up the truck looked over at me with a smile and said “are you ready?” In that moment I knew he would be my future & my forever. “Are you ready?” .. in my head and heart was are you ready for our lives together to start.

After that night Shane and I spent ever single day together, every night, we were inseparable and still are. He has shown me that kissing all those toads to get to my prince were worth all the heart ache, all the Avril Lavigne on repeat nights, all the hugging and crying to your best friends.. because the wait for me now means I have everything I’ve ever needed or wanted in my significant other. He has shown me what it is to love and to be loved. My heart is so full and I thank God everyday for blessing me with chance to bring Shane into my life.

And that’s the story of how we met.

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how they asked

It all started what seemed like weeks before Valentines day. He was asking me a million and one questions about what I wanted. I told him I had been really wanting a coordinate necklace, with the location of our first date. Let me just tell you, he made this seem so impossible to get. He needed the exact size of the bar, what metal, what length of the chain .. my response to it all, it’s all good babe just surprise me I’ll like anything. Knowing now what I didn’t then, I know he wanted everything for me to be perfect.

The morning of Valentines day came around, Shane ended up running a few errands in the morning while I packed for us & got our pup Lily ready to go out of town. He originally had told me he was going to give me my big gift before dinner, but on his way home before we left said “I’m just too excited I can’t wait to give it to you!” Shane comes through the door, hollers “Baby, hurry I want you to see something!” He was standing there with my favorite flowers on the table, a box and a card. I read the card, basically in tears because he was so sweet! I opened the box and there it was …. the NECKLACE I had been wanting. It was gorgeous! Way more than I had expected! I gave him a big kiss & then we had breakfast together. We finally got on the road after what seemed like hours (because I couldn’t figure out what I really wanted to take with me).

Finally on the road, heading to Marina Del Rey, and I turn to him and say lets just stay home .. order a pizza, have a glass of wine and watch Netflix and chill. He turns to me and says “Haley, NO! We are going, it’s not refundable.” Totally surprised I just zipped my lips and laid back for the ride. Okay first of all Shane is the best driver, he was shaking the whole ride completely driving horrible! I kept asking him if he needed me to drive instead haha. We finally make it to the hotel, check in and get to our gorgeous room. It was right on the Marina looking at all the boats and the water. The weather was perfect, and it was just so relaxing. Shane had made reservations that night at the hotel restaurant, but wanted to go out and about before dinner to just spend some time walking and watching the sun set. He told me to pick out the dress I was wearing to dinner and to get my hair and makeup done before we left, because we wouldn’t have time to come back. I started unpacking all my stuff for the night, as he headed for the door and said he was going to go checkout the restaurant menu and grab a drink while I got ready. Shane came back about 20 minutes later, asking me how much longer.. which is odd for him, because he never asks! He’s a totally laid back go with the flow type of guy. I told him I needed 15 more minutes and I’d be good to go!

I finally get ready, and throw on one of my favorite maxi dresses.. which ironically (now) was all white. He helps me get my purse ready and we headed out the door. We stop at the hotel bar to grab waters for our little walk. Shane and I get outside start walking through the patio, all the way down until cement turned into sand. The both of us look at each other and I say lets go touch the water! He grabs my hand and we walk all the way down until we hit the water, of course I have to have a little fun .. I splash him a little bit as he starts to giggle at me. Shane then says come on lets walk around this way heading towards the opposite side of the marina area. We’re walking and going up towards sand again when he stops me and gets in front of me…..

My reaction, “Um, babe. Are you okay?” … All of the sudden he pulls out a box! Resembling the same box I saw earlier in the morning, it doesn’t look like a box with a ring so I was completely confused! I was thinking what on earth. He opens it and sure enough it’s another coordinate necklace! I told Shane “What on earth baby! I love it, you didn’t have to get me two!! This is way too much!! What is this coordinate?!”

He smiled and said, “The first necklace was a coordinate of our first date, and this second necklace is a coordinate of the exact spot we’re standing, where I ask you to spend the rest of your life with me.” My jaw dropped! He got down on one knee and pulled out a third box… it was THE RING! He said, “When your Grandfather knew, he knew.. and I know, will you marry me?!” Of course I said YES!!!!

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This was the most surreal experience, like EVER! I’m still in shock and on cloud nine! Oh yeah did I mention, his uncle and cousin caught this all on camera and recorded it? .. They also did something awesome, they got there before Shane and I scouted out the beach, told EVERYONE there was going to be a proposal… so when Shane got down on that knee the entire marina went crazy! Cheering, whistling, clapping, crying and congratulating! It was the most amazing day of my life! … And the part about my Grandparents … My Grandfather knew my Grandmother was the one and after their first date asked her to marry him! They have been together 55 years this year.

I will remember this day for the rest of my life!

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