Haley and Parker

How We Met: Parker and I met my first year at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia.  I was at the ice rink on campus playing in a broom ball game for an intramural team when I noticed him. I kept seeing him around campus since he played on the mens ice hockey team and I played on the women’s ice hockey team. After seeing him there a couple of times, I introduced myself and immediately felt the sparks fly.


He and I tried to get together whenever we had time and shared our first kiss together on the roof of our school where he later asked me on an official date. He swept me off of my feet on our first date and in that moment I knew he would be the one.​

how they asked: Parker’s parents were visiting California for the first time from Canada and he told me the one place he knew he wanted to show them was Laguna Beach. So we made a day of it and he had my parents join us as well.

We walked down the flight of stairs leading to the sand when he pointed out the place where we watched our first sunset together. As we climbed up onto the rock where we had sat over a year ago, my best friend continued to tell me a story of how a boy and a girl from different worlds met, fell in love, and changed each others lives.

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Finally, the man of my dreams knelt down on one knee and proceeded to ask me to marry him in front of both of our families. I was so overwhelmed with love and excitement that the only word I managed to say was, “Absolutely!”

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