Haley and Michael

How We Met

Mike & I met at work back in July of 2016! He was a supervisor on the team and I was starting my first job out of college. Some people on the team would go for afternoon walks around the building which is how we got to know each other better. All throughout the summer we would both go out with friends on the team for drinks frequently which eventually led to us going on our “first date”, just the two of us, at the gourmet local town pizza shop for beer, pizza, and to top off the date we watched an episode of Lost.

We were both always traveling for work and made plans a few times with other friends to go on a weekend trip together in between work trips. We traveled to places around the world together and crossed off some of our must-see cities. We bought a townhome together and everyone called us crazy for doing it before we were engaged! We spent months tearing up carpet and painting walls and made it our home.

Where to Propose in In our kitchen

How They Asked

One of my favorite stories to tell! April 15, 2018. Back in January I set a goal to finish an 80-day workout program to a T. April 15th was the last day of the program and all I wanted that morning was a dunkaroo donut from our favorite donut shop, PVDonuts! I probably told Mike 79 out of the 80 days how I couldn’t wait to indulge on a dunkaroo donut once the program was over. I even took it upon myself to pre order a dozen of my favorites to pick up that morning. When the day finally came, Mike woke me up at 6:00 AM and told me he had to go help his Grandma move something.

I knew he was lying and called him out for it, however, I figured he was probably doing something sweet like picking up flowers as a celebration for completing my goal of finishing the program. While he was gone, I got up to eat breakfast and eagerly awaited him getting back so we could go pick up the donuts. Mike walked in the door and snuck into the kitchen before I could even see him. When he walked into the living room he said there was a surprise for me in the kitchen. When I walked in I was shocked to see the PVDonuts box sitting on the counter- my first comment was “ You picked up my order! But how?!

They aren’t even open till 8?!” Before he could respond I opened up the box to dig in. But instead of my 6 donuts in the box, there was a GIANT dunkaroo donut that said “will you marry me” and when I turned to Mike he was holding a ring. He told me he worked with the owners at PVDonuts for weeks to make this happen as they never made that big of a donut before! After soaking it all in, we went to surprise our families with the news and celebrate with them!

Special Thanks

 | PVDonuts worked with Mike to make the giant donut he proposed with! They have never made one before and even opened the shop early for him to come in!