Haley and Matt


How We Met

One beautiful night in Gainesville, I decided to go out to a country-western bar named “8 Seconds”, despite having a weight-lifting competition in the morning. This decision would prove to be the best decision I could have ever made!





On that same night, Haley’s friends were also making plans to go to “8 Seconds”. She had recently moved to Florida from Missouri and was reluctant to go to anything but a beach bar, but gave in and decided to join her friends. This decision would prove to be the best decision she could have ever made! As fate would have it, we sparked conversation at the bar and danced the night away! We have been best friends ever since, and now two and a half years later we are about to get MARRIED! :)

how they asked

The proposal took place on October 15th, 2016 at Walt Disney World. After sending Haley off on a scavenger hunt throughout the Disney parks, Matt set up a video at the Be Our Guest restaurant.


Haley then arrived to the restaurant and watched it while fighting back the tears! With both families by his side, Matt surprised Haley at the restaurant after the video was over and asked for her hand in marriage!!


The video is AMAZING and can be seen with this post!!



Our Video

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