Haley and Matt

Image 9 of Haley and Matt

How We Met

Matt and Haley knew each other in high school and went to the same college together- Texas A&M, but were just friends until one night at a mutual friend’s wedding… They met on the dance floor where both of them enjoy being the majority of the time. They were the life of the party and were having a great time dancing to “I wanna dance with somebody” by Whitney Houston. They continued to dance together that night and truly the rest was history. Matt and Haley both love people so well, but more importantly, they love each other so well.

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How They Asked

Matt had Haley’s best friend and photographer- Lindsay Behrends get Haley to think she needed some content to post for her photo biz. So, Haley willingly accepted and went on to have a photoshoot with Lindsay and Matt without knowing a proposal was near.

Image 4 of Haley and Matt

Matt and Haley were expecting a puppy to be delivered the next week that they had been waiting for, but Matt had his sister pick up the puppy early and meet them at the end of the shoot with him.

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His name is Sammy. Matt had Sammy wear a dog tag that was labeled with “Marry Me” on one side and “Sammy” on the other. When they arrived at the last location, we got Sammy to run up to them as they walked up…

Image 5 of Haley and Matt

Haley very quickly knew what was going on. She read the dog tag and threw her head back in surprise and joy. She sat sammy down and walked hand in hand with her future MR. to her proposal. Matt prayed over her and said some nice things, and then got down on one knee to pop the famous question. “Will you marry me?”

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Haley of course said yes! And the celebrations started!!

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Our Video

Special Thanks

Lindsey Behrends
 | Photographer
Brooke Jones
 | Videographer