Haley and Luke

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How We Met

We met on Christian Mingle in February of 2012! He will say that at first, I didn’t give him the time of day (which is probably true) but I wasn’t interested right off the bat. Nothing went anywhere until later that year, my 22nd birthday to be exact, he reached out again to say Happy Birthday & a few other sweet words…and for some reason, this time it was different! A few days later we went on our first date and it was love at first site! Not even a month later we were saying “I love you” and talking about our future together…

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how they asked

He planned every little detail out from getting me off of work, to hiring a photographer & hand picking out the perfect horse! On one of our first dates, I let Luke know that I had always wanted to go horseback riding, but had never been.

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Horses are one of the most beautiful animals I have ever laid eyes on! So after coaxing me to get away from prior engagements and get in the car with him, we arrived at Rockin’ P Ranch in Pekin and he asked me if I wanted to go horseback riding. I squealed with joy and of course said YES!! It was perfect because the last ride of the night was just getting ready to go out, so I thought we had made it just in time. We had a beautiful ride, the sun was going down, everything in the world was right…but it was about to become even more perfect!

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We turned a corner and went up a hill to this large, beautiful oak tree. That was when I felt Luke at my side grabbing me off my horse. He walked me over to underneath the tree, said some beautiful words, got down on one knee and, with the most gorgeous ring I had ever seen, popped the question!

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I SAID YES!!! I hadn’t even realized that the “others” that were with us on the ride were the photographer, her assistant, and two other guides!! Come to find out, he had to beg the ranch to allow him to take a private ride & allow us to get off our horses. The ranch owners were awaiting our return to hear the good news and congratulate us.

A marriage proposal, on horseback at sunset, on a beautiful fall day in Illinois. MY DREAM COME TRUE!

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Special Thanks

Karen Stauffer
 | Karen Stauffer Photography (Proposal Photographer)
Katelyn Turner
 | Katelyn Turner Photography (Engagement Photographer)