Haley and Luke

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How We Met

Luke and I technically met in high school. He was on the high school soccer team, so I’d see him at every game (my boyfriend at the time was his teammate, and so was my best friend’s boyfriend). We would pass each other on backroads — he was hard to miss in what I would later learn was his grandfather’s 1969 Mustang that he restored by hand. I would see him at his neighborhood pool while I was there hanging out with my friends, and being our high school selves we would pretend not to notice each other. Officially, we met when we were in college. He was on his school’s soccer team and he needed a date for his team’s Halloween party, so he asked me. In a leap of faith, I drove two hours from my college to his to be his date. And the rest is history!

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how they asked

Some of my favorite people in the entire world are the two little Korean adoptees that I nannied all throughout grad school. They and their parents became family to me over those tough few years, so it was incredibly hard to say goodbye to them as I moved from Nashville to Alabama for my clinical rotations where Luke was in med school. It wasn’t strange at all to me when the boys’ mom texted me before we came into town one weekend and asked if I would be in a few of their family pictures. I was so excited to be included, so much, that I texted Luke and he asked if he could come along and see them.

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Fast forward to that day, and Luke picks me up to take me to the park where pictures are being taken. The photographer was already there taking family shots but told me to get in with the boys. After a while the boys got antsy (completely expected for a 4 and 6-year-old), so the photographer told Luke and me to get together for a few shots. A couple minutes later, the boys rounded a fence holding the most precious sign I had ever seen, reading “Miss Haley, Mr. Luke has a question…” and I immediately knew what was happening.

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I was in complete shock (as my face shows in the majority of our pictures), but Luke got down on one knee and said a few short sweet words. He had to ask me twice if I wanted the ring before I finally took the hint and put it on. It took me about an hour after tons of wonderful pictures to realize that Luke had planned this whole thing and that we weren’t crashing on family pictures.

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We celebrated with champagne with the boys’ parents in the park parking lot, and then with our families at what I originally thought was going to be a Father’s Day barbecue. Later that night, Luke told me all about the planning process and how he chose to include the boys. He said, “I don’t know what else you love much more than them, so I knew they had to be there.” It was truly the most wonderful day.

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