Haley and Luke

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How We Met

Luke and I ended up meeting each other through mutual friends at a downtown sundown concert in Wilmington, NC. I had just gotten off work and really didn’t want to go out, but my roommate at the time said she had somebody she wanted me to meet. I decided to go immediately Luke and I hit it off. We ended up talking most of the night, instead of listening to whoever was playing.
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how they asked

After three years of dating, Luke asked me one afternoon if I wanted to take the dogs for a hike at Carolina Beach State Park. I already had one of our dogs, Rodger, a Weimaraner, with me running errands. Rodger and I had planned to meet Luke and Lily, our walker hound, at the park. When Rodger and I were finished with our errands, it had started to drizzle and looked like storms may be heading in. I had suggested we go for a hike another time, but Luke was persistent and luckily it stopped raining. We arrive at the park and go for a hike. There’s a beach area that’s always been my favorite since I’ve been going to the park. Once we got to the beach on the trail, it started to drizzle again and I suggested we go ahead and head back. I had turned around and started walking back when Luke said “hold on”. When I turned back around he was on one knee with a ring in his hand. I was shocked and dropped the leashes.
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Of course, I said yes! It was the perfect, intimate moment that he put together. It was a special spot because it’s where we went on one of our first dates and eventually where we took those engagement photos. It’s a memory to hold forever.
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