Haley and Kyle

how we met

Kyle and I first met in eighth grade at a local hangout called “Beach Music” in Raleigh, NC. One of my friends was “talking” to him at the time, as we eighth-graders did with boys we met on Myspace ;) After meeting him, I could not stop thinking about how cute he was! Even though I was so young, it truly felt like love at first sight. After going home and adding him on Facebook, he direct messaged me and gave me his number. The feeling must have been mutual ;) We started dating a few months later and here we are today!

how they asked

It was Kyle‘s 23rd birthday, and we were headed to eat brunch at one of our favorite restaurants in Wrightsville Beach. His parents and my parents were joining us to celebrate his birthday, something that we do every year. When we got word that they were running late, Kyle asked if I wanted to take a quick walk to see the ocean. As we approached the water, Kyle got down on one knee and said “do you know what I was thinking would be the best birthday gift? If I could make you my wife!” I was in total shock and of course said yes!

Special Thanks

Foxtail Co.
 | Photography
Oceanic Restaurant
 | Restaurant