Haley and Kameron

How We Met

In 2009, my friend Leslie insisted that I attend a high school football game with her, even though we were freshmen in college and it wasn’t even for the high school we graduated from. Her boyfriend was on the football team at this high school and she didn’t want to go alone, so I agreed to tag along. She was trying to help me get over a recent breakup so she told me to pick any football player out of the lineup and she would have Logan (her boyfriend) introduce us. I assessed them all the best I could (their backs were to us) and said that number 2 looked cute. She squealed and told me that was Logan’s best friend, Kameron, and I had to meet him. It was a long game full of multiple power outages, an injury and the game being called before it was over, so when we went to say hi to Logan and Kameron, neither of them was in the most talkative mood. They were exhausted, so Logan and Leslie talked briefly while Kameron and I stood there and each waited for our friend. We made eye contact and said hello, but nothing noteworthy happened. That weekend, Leslie kept insisting that Kameron wanted to meet me too, but he hadn’t contacted me since the game, even though Logan had given him my number. I didn’t have his number, but I decided that I wanted to meet him, so I sent him a message over Facebook. He admitted he had wanted to talk to me too and we quickly exchanged phone numbers and spent the whole week texting and talking on the phone into the night. He asked me out on a double date with Leslie and Logan that Friday and I agreed. We went bowling and then back to his family’s property for a movie under the stars. We both fell hard, and on October 3, 2009, he made it official. We’ve been inseparable ever since, even through a year of long-distance dating while he started college at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and I finished at the junior college before I transferred to be with him.

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how they asked

I normally work Monday through Friday, but I occasionally get comp time if I work weekend events or overtime. Kameron normally has Mondays and Tuesdays off because he is a restaurant manager and can’t be off on the weekends. In September, Kameron told me that I should use my comp time that I had earned on Friday, October 2, because he had to switch days with another manager and had the day off. He said he wanted to do something for our six-year anniversary, which was October 3. I didn’t think anything of it and requested the day off.

When I woke up on October 2, Kameron and I hadn’t made any definitive plans but decided we would play it by ear when we both woke up. I figured we would take our dog, Penny, to the beach and then go to a nice dinner later that night. When I got up, my youger sister, Hanna, came in my room and told me to put on a bra. I was confused, I had just woken up and hadn’t even gotten to brush my teeth yet so I definitely didn’t need to put on a bra. She kept insisting that I put on a bra, so I opened my bra drawer and saw an envelope marked “Clue 1.” I instantly broke down in tears as I opened the card and began to read. At that time my mom came around the corner and I began to cry again because she was supposed to be at work. I began to think that something big was happening but I wouldn’t let my mind go there yet. I had a feeling I had a long day of clues ahead of me before i would finally get to see Kameron.

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The clue said to get ready and be at breakfast by 10 a.m. At breakfast, the waitress brought out another clue, which told me to go to the football field where we first met. The clue at the football field led me to the bowling alley where we had our first date, where his sister-in-law and our niece were waiting with the next clue. This clue led me to his house, where we watched a movie after our first date, and that clue led me out to the vineyard behind his house where he officially asked me to be his girlfriend in 2009. At the pond, his mom was waiting with a clue that said a limo would be arriving shortly to take me to lunch.

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When the limo arrived at his house, I was confused when no one got in it with me. I surely wasn’t going to eat lunch alone, was I? I said goodbye to my mom, sister and Kameron’s parents and got in the limo and instantly began thinking about who would be at lunch waiting for me. I had yet to see my dad, but I had a feeling I wouldn’t be seeing him yet. I hadn’t seen my aunt or cousins, so I assumed I would be meeting them for lunch. As the limo pulled up to one of my favorite local restaurants, Mary’s Pizza Shack, I looked around for familiar cars but saw none that I recognized. The waitress inside asked me if I was here to meet people, and I laughed and told her I had no idea what I was doing. She led me to the back of the restaurant and as I turned the corner I saw a table with three of my best friends who no longer live in the town where we grew up. I instantly burst into tears, as they were the last people I was expecting to see at that table. This was the moment I knew something huge was happening. Two of my friends had flown from the east coast and one had driven up from Irvine, even though she is in the middle of med school and is busier than ever. I could not believe that I was staring at the three of them. Once I gained my composure after walking them through the events of the day so far, we toasted with champagne, which was necessary for my nerves, and began catching up. For the first time in my life the food at the restaurant was completely unappetizing, not because it was gross, but because I was so nervous that I had no appetite.

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Kameron had us on tight schedule, so after we finished lunch, my friends gave me my next clue. It was time to go to the salon and get pampered! Seriously, Kameron thought of everything. We went to the salon where one of his friend’s from high school worked and she did my hair, makeup and nails. To make sure my friends didn’t get bored, Kameron had a box full of pictures, letters I had written him and memories we had shared throughout our six years of dating for my friends to go through. The hour and a half we spent at the salon was full of giggling and “awws” as they rifled through the contents of the box.

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I figured our next stop after the salon would be somewhere that I could pick out clothes or change into something Kameron had picked out, but he had one more stop in mind. Although the clue was almost impossible for me to solve, the limo driver knew where we were going, so he took us to Kameron’s high school. When we got there, I finally understood what the clue meant. Kameron asked me to his senior prom during his high school’s “Mr. GQ” competition. He juggled a soccer ball for his talent and kicked it out to me in the audience at the end. The ball had “prom?” written all over it, and this ball was waiting for me with my next clue at the school. Now it was time to go pick out a dress! My friends and I got back in the limo and were taken to a mall in San Rafael where I had over an hour to pick out a dress. He had packed a bag with ever pair of heels and piece of jewelry I owned so I could accessorize the dress I picked out. He wanted me to wear a long dress, but since this was the only thing I had control over for the day, I went for a short, sparkly dress my friends picked out. Once we paid for the dress with a gift card he had sent for me, it was FINALLY time to get in the limo, head to San Francisco and meet Kameron for dinner!

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When I got to San Francisco Kameron was waiting at Ghiradelli Square. He said we had some time before our dinner reservations so we walked down by the water to look at the view. There was a woman doing caricatures there, and he had always wanted to get one, so I agreed and we sat down. We talked about my day so far, laughed about some of the clues that were hard to solve and talked with the caricaturist. When the picture was ready, she turned it around and as I examined it, I realized that the photos showed Kameron down on one knee and a ring in his hand. When I looked over, Kameron was indeed down on his knee and I instantly started crying. This was really happening. I had known somewhere in my mind that the day would end in a proposal, but I never let myself say it aloud because I didn’t want to get my hopes up. After his sweet speech, I somehow managed to gain my composure and say “yes!”

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After we spent some time together looking at the view and buzzing about what just happened, we walked up to dinner. I was pretty sure the surprises for the day were over and was excited to just relax and have dinner with my fiance. When we walked into the restaurant, I looked up at the bar and saw both of our families and my friends from earlier that day and I couldn’t believe it. He had asked everyone we love to celebrate the night with us, and it couldn’t have been more perfect. It was an amazing, magical day that we will both remember for the rest of our lives. I loved being able to share our special day with so many people along the way, and I can’t wait to share this story with our future children.

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