Haley and Josh

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How We Met

Haley and I met in high school through mutual friends. The first time I saw her in a hallway during my freshman year of high school, I couldn’t help but notice her beaming green eyes and the confidence and grace that she had. I knew right then that this girl was going to change my life. After 2 years of saying “hi” in passing periods and only barely knowing each other, Haley randomly texted me a photo of myself that she had found at the mall (creepy, I know) and the rest is history! Since that day, Haley and I have become best friends and have fallen in love harder and harder each passing day.

After about 4 years of dating each other I decided it was time to make things official and ask Haley to spend the rest of her life with me. While I was saving for the perfect ring, Haley and I got some very surprising news. On July 11th, 2016 we discovered that we were going to be parents!!!! Though we were so happy, we both knew that an engagement had to be put on the back burner now that our baby was our first priority.

I wanted nothing more than to ask Haley to be my wife so I promised myself that I would do absolutely anything to make both our dreams come true before we welcomed our son into the world!!!

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how they asked

In November, Haley had arranged for us to get maternity photos taken by a photographer who was also one of Haley’s best friends in high school. She scheduled the shoot for December 11th, 2016. I normally hate pictures but figured this would be the perfect opportunity to pop the question that I had been waiting to ask. On the day of the shoot, Haley had plans to get her nails done with her sister and then met me at the location of the shoot.

When Haley arrived, I had little signs with notes and pictures of us that lead to me, under a tree with a little black box in my pocket.

By the time she got to me, she was already crying, and I have never seen her as happy as she was in that moment. And before I knew it, I was on one knee, asking her to be my wife!!!!

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