Haley and Jordan


How We Met

In February of 2014 I went to to look for a new car – Jordan was the salesman
As fate would have it we lived in the same apartment complex, I would make up excuses to see and talk to him – this went on for months until FINALLY we went on our first date in May – We were quickly smitten

By August we were in love and then in November we moved in together!
A few months later fate took us a step closer and we started working together too.


2015 brought lots of desk side lunch dates, our first vacation, adopting our second furbaby, sushi dates, movie nights, and SO MANY VIDEO GAMES!


He’s my lobster, my person, I tell him when he’s being a sun of a b***h and he tells me when I’m being a pain in the a** – it’s bliss even when it’s not blissful! He’s my constant companion, a stealer of the covers, listener of the bullshit, and calmer of the storms. He’s the sweetest, most irritatingly positive man I’ve ever met.


He constantly picks me up, dusts me off, and encourages me to keep going. We keep each other grounded, we drive each other bonkers, and we are building this crazy beautiful life together – It’s going to be awesome!

how they asked

On June 9th 2016 we were in Cayman Brac and Jordan proposed – in the ocean / under water / WHILE SCUBA DIVING!


He planned the whole thing out with the dive staff so that they went down first (I had no idea at this point) and they hid the (fake) ring (the real one was safely tucked in our hotel room not sitting alone on the bottom of the ocean!) with the laminated card and we just came up on it and all the sudden jordan was on one knee and I was throwing my hands on my face (as if i were on land)




It was nothing short of perfection and better than anything I could’ve possibly dreamed of.