Haley and John

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How We Met

John and I met at the University of Findlay in 2014. Findlay is a small town in Northwest Ohio. We were Resident Assistants in the same building on campus so we were on the same staff. The very minute we were introduced, we were inseparable!

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how they asked

On Saturday February 11th, he told me he had a day full of surprises planned. That morning, we met up with his sister and boyfriend, a photographer (I should’ve known then!). We played soccer, baseball, and even went rollerblading. We ate a quick bite for lunch and headed back to my apartment on campus. We started getting ready for dinner and the rest of our day which was still a secret to me. As I was getting ready, John told me his sister and her boyfriend went to the restaurant to save us a table. From then on- John would come in my room and occasionally ask “Are you about ready?” “How much more time do you need?” He started acting strange and told me to tell him when I was ready before I came out of my room.

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I finished getting ready and he led me to my living room where my couch was pulled up in front of the TV. He sat me down, hit play on his laptop, and took off out my back door. I sat and watched a picture montage he had made of our favorite memories over the last 3 years. About halfway through the slideshow, I noticed my video camera was off to the side recording and totally catching my tears! The last slide popped up with a message that said, “Grab you coat, grab your keys- what are you waiting for?!” I walked outside and found him waiting on a bench.

He said he wanted to enjoy the nice weather so we walked and talked down the center of campus to the Bell Tower where we had our first kiss. On the exact same steps, I saw a bouquet of white roses, candles, a card, and our picture. Anyone who knows John will tell you he’s shy. So shy, that he asked me to be his girlfriend by writing it in a greeting card! At the Bell Tower, I bent down to pick up the card and saw where he had written “Will You Marry Me?” He grabbed my hands and with tears in both of our eyes and smiles on our hearts, he got down on one knee and asked me to be his forever.

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At this point, I heard the clicking sound of a camera coming from bushes nearby. I turn to see his sister and her boyfriend, the photographer, had caught the whole thing on video and camera! He even let us take posed pictures around the beautiful campus of the wonderful university that introduced me to the man of my dreams. We celebrated the rest of the night surrounded by the love of friends who John had revealed his plans to. It was a perfect day that I will never, ever forget.

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Special Thanks

Jake Emser
 | Photographer