Haley and Hunter

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How We Met

We actually first met in middle school. We had one class together but never really became close friends. Then, we went to different high schools and reconnected over social media at the end of our sophomore year. We dated through that rest of high school, went to 3 proms together, graduated together, and started college together. We celebrated our 5 year dating anniversary in June of 2017.

how they asked

Hunter’s wonderful family has been generous enough to invite me on their annual beach trip to Navarre Beach, Florida on the Florida gulf coast for the last few years, and it quickly became one of our favorite places. We both love the beautiful white sand beaches, emerald colored ocean waves and getting to spend time together there. Over the past year or so, we had discussed the topic of engagement and felt we were ready to take that next important step in our relationship. On this years trip, I wondered if he might propose, but didn’t really think all that much about it. On Wednesday, July 5th after showering and cleaning up after a full day at the beach, he asked if we could take a sunset walk. We walked down to the beach and started looking for shells and casually talking together. As we got farther down the beach he started talking about our relationship and telling me how much he loved me and saying very sweet things. By this time, my hands were shaking a little bit and I knew this was the moment I had been waiting for. We stopped at this place on the beach where no other people were really around and he took my hands and told me that he wanted to spend forever with me, and that he loved me more than anything. Then, he said that he had found the most beautiful shell on the beach, dropped to one knee, and pulled out this conch shell with a beautiful diamond ring nestled inside. He asked, “Will you marry me baby?”, and I managed to say YES through the tears that were streaming down my face. Then I jumped into his arms and gave him the biggest hug and lots of kisses! We turned around to see his parents, his brother and his brother’s girlfriend standing on the balcony of our condo watching, waving and taking pictures!

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