Haley and Hunter

Haley's Proposal in Short Pump Town Center

How We Met

One day in 6th grade I became friends with a boy named Holten. Little did I know at the time he would later write out my future. Fast forward 3 years, we are now in 9th grade sitting next to each other in 2nd-period Spanish class. Holten began to tell me about his older brother, Hunter and said we had a lot in common. Moments later Holten beings writing a paper about how Hunter and I would fall in love, get married, have a farm together, a dog, and a goat. I looked at the paper strangely and laugh because I had never even met Hunter, much less did I plan on marrying him. Later that day Holten pointed out his brother so I walked up to him and handed him the paper saying “your strange brother wrote this out and told me to give it to you”. I thought that would be the end of it until months later I met him at our county rodeo and got his number. After that, the rest is history. 5 years of dating led to me now being engaged to by an absolute best friend who I was lucky enough to fall in love with at 16. Who would have known a funny paper written as a joke would turn into such a beautiful reality.

How They Asked

Hunter and I had planned to go out to lunch with some close friends for my birthday which was the following day. We went to one of my favorite restaurants and had planned to walk around at a mall after to pass time before meeting his parents for dinner. As we sat there waiting to eat I could tell something was off with Hunter but I truthfully, thought he just didn’t feel good. (His nerves got the best of him) As lunch ended we decided to go down to the Mall and do some shopping. As we walked out I went to put wet wipes back in our friend’s baby bag.

She quickly grabbed them out of my hand and yelled: “they don’t go in there”. My eyes widened as I couldn’t believe she just got so mad about me putting them in the wrong spot. I would later find out that she has been carrying my engagement ring in that bag all day. She had had the ring since Hunter finished having it made. When we finally got downstairs its was such a pretty day that we decided to take pictures at the fountain that was surrounded by flowers. I always told Hunter how pretty I thought it was everytime we were there. After taking some photos Hunte handed me a quarter and told me to make a wish.

When I threw the coin he asked if it came true, I looked at him strangely and said “no?”. Seconds later he said how about now, got down on one knee and asked me to Marry him. As I started crying and saying yes, all of my closest friends and family came out of the surrounding stores to congratulate and celebrate with us. It was truly perfect and I can’t wait to marry my best friend.

Special Thanks

Holten Langston
 | Photographer
Shane Rudd
 | Videographer