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How We Met

The summer before I entered high school, I learned about a boy named Grant DeHoogh. His mom was an algebra teacher at my school and I first heard about him through a rumor that he was transferring to attend our high school. Being me, I Facebook messaged him saying that I knew he was transferring to Richland High School in the Fall and that if he ever needed a friend, he could talk to me. I knew if I was entering a new school, I would want some friends. Low and behold, I never heard back from Grant and I didn’t think much of it.

The first year of high school we didn’t have much contact, but that all changed sophomore year. Grant and I ran in the same circle of friends. Our friend groups would meet up at tables in the halls of school before classes started. Grant was always quiet and didn’t ever really have much to say but when he did, he was funny. I thought he was awkward and shy but he was undeniably cute. Late November of 2010, I texted Grant asking to borrow an Under Armor shirt for an upcoming Christmas parade I was going to be in. The more I talked to him I realized that he was sensitive, kind, smart, and really funny. He was something special.

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Mid December, we went to a couple basketball games with friends and after one of the games we decided to go back to my friend Sara’s house to hangout more. As he was leaving, we had our first kiss on her front porch in the crisp air with all my friends watching through the window. I knew he was special before, but that kiss sealed the deal. I wanted him for my own. A couple weeks later on New Years Eve we were having a big party at Sara’s house to ring in 2011. Grant asked me to be his girlfriend that night after the celebration was over and my life was forever changed.

We have been through so much over the past seven years. Our relationship has remained steadfast through high school, the adventure of undergraduate, to being accepted to pharmacy school together. From losing loved ones, to welcoming new family members to the world. From traveling to new cities, to growing in our hometown. Every step of the way we have had each other and have grown so much in love. I still can’t believe he’s mine.

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how they asked

Friday, March 9, 2018 was an ordinary day. Grant and I packed up early for a long day at school. It was the last day before the start of our last spring break EVER. I knew the proposal would be coming soon but wasn’t entirely sure when. When Grant came out for school in sweatpants, I knew it wasn’t going to be today. We went to school as usual and when we got out at 3 PM, Grant was cool as a cucumber. I thought he was going to work for the evening and that I was going to dinner with friends. I knew if there was any possibility of it being that day, then on the way home he would say something. Once we arrived back to his place he kissed me goodbye and told me to have fun. I drove home knowing it wasn’t going to happen.

When I got home, my dad was outside doing some work in the garage. He asked me how my day was and we made some small talk before he said “I got you a birthday card.” Mind you, my birthday is in July, so this was a strange thing to say. When he whipped out the card, the envelope said “1.” When I opened it and saw Grant’s handwriting, I knew this was it. Tears immediately filled my eyes as I read the sweetest note about how Grant and I got started. At the bottom of the note there was a clue to go to my next location. This would be a scavenger hunt. It read, “Go to the location where I asked you to be my girlfriend and where we had our first kiss.” I knew exactly where I would be going, my friend Sara’s house. My mom and sister were hiding around the corner watching me and they saw me off to my next location. Filled with nerves and with tears in my eyes, I drove to Sara’s.

So many thoughts were flying through my mind but the most important one was that I couldn’t believe this was actually happening. I turned onto her street and saw Sara standing in her driveway. She provided me with the next sweet letter detailing all the memories we made on her front porch and my next clue. “Go to the place where we met and spent most of our first 2.5 years together.” This would be Richland High School. I was off. My heart was pounding through my chest and my mind was in a million different places. I couldn’t wait to get to the end of this hunt. In the RHS parking lot, I found my friend Reagan with my next clue. I could barely read the letter through my tears and learned my next destination. “Go to the place where we spent most of our Friday nights those first 2.5 years. Hint: we run bleachers here.” The BISD Athletic Complex (FAAC). I was on the drill team and Grant was on the spirit squad in high school. Every Friday night was an event for us and what made it the most fun, was that we go to cheer on our team together. After high school, Grant and I used the FAAC to run bleachers in the summers. We once got kicked out after hopping the fence and finding our way onto the field. Not our proudest moment, but definitely one we will never forget.

As I parked at the FAAC, I saw Grant’s car. I approached the gate and found a single red rose keeping it closed. Naturally, more tears ensued. Red roses lined a pathway into a tunnel and I saw a photographer and my friend Sara, as well as a sign that said “Haley will you marry me?” painted by my friend Katy Beth (which ended up getting so torn by the wind). As I rounded the corner, I saw Grant, looking handsome as ever. We hugged and then he said “Haley.” He said some other things but I swear I blacked out and cannot remember what he said, I just know that it was so sweet and thoughtful because that’s who he is. Then he dropped to one knee and showed me the most gorgeous ring I had ever seen. Finally.

After some impromptu engagement photos, he informed me that there was going to be an engagement party at my house that night with all of our family and friends. It was GORGEOUS!! Shout out to my sister, Lindsey, for helping with all the planning for the party. Everyone we loved was there including Grant’s sister and newest niece from Illinois, his grandmother and aunt from Oklahoma, and several of our friends who traveled from Austin, Houston, and Tyler to be there for us. To say that we are blessed is an understatement. The Lord has blessed our path from the very beginning of our journey and I have no doubt that he will continue to bless us in marriage. I am so lucky to have met Grant at such a young age to have had the opportunity to grow with him in life and in love. Thank you to Grant for planning such a special proposal and a tour of our most special places in our hometown. It was more than I could have ever asked for. I can’t wait to be Mrs. Haley DeHoogh!

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