Haley and Ethan

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How We Met

I was renting apartments in Oxford, MS in 2015 when this guy walked into my office for a tour. He was hairy, muddy, you could tell hi just got off work; I’m pretty sure he was even sweaty and smelly. He walked in, saw me, grinned, and said, “Hey, pretty lady.” I was flattered but thought nothing of it. I gave him a tour and let me tell you; that was the longest tour I’d ever given. He had all kinds of questions. We went over the apartment, the rules, the lease, we even made conversation about our personal lives. Flash forward to a week or so later and my leasing agent and I were in the office running applications. In walks Ethan and his best friend (who had toured a week before Ethan did). We filled out their application and took deposits, all normal stuff. My leasing agent, Kiara, was sitting quietly over to the side not saying much, which isn’t normal. When Ethan left, she leaned over and whispered to me, “girl… he’s totally into you..” I smiled and told her she was crazy..he was just being polite. What I didn’t know was that when Ethan and his best friend got into the car to leave, Ethan told his friend, “I’m going to be with that girl one day.”

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Ethan ended up moving into his apartment in August 2015. From that day forward, he made excuses for me to talk to him/come out to his apartment; his cable didn’t work and he needed help setting it up. He ‘locked himself out’ of his apartment and needed someone to let him in. He wasn’t sure what his rental amount was… etc. I was intrigued by this tall guy with a thick southern accent, but I wasn’t ‘smitten.’ I’d walk my dog by his apartment on purpose just to see if he really was as into me as Kiara thought, but NOTHING. He never asked me out. I was the ultimate skeptic. After all, we’re in the south so he was just being polite. He never blatantly hit on me (or so I thought… everyone else could see it but me). Finally, one day in March (EIGHT MONTHS LATER), Ethan came in the office to pay rent. I was going over all of his options since we just rolled out an online payment option. He told me he didn’t have an email for the online payment, so I gave him my business card and told him to call me when he got home and set one up. Jokingly, I handed him the card and said, “do you want my work or my personal number?” He asked which was on the card.. when I told him it was my work information, he said, ‘why don’t you go ahead and put your personal number on there, too.” That was Thursday afternoon. I got home Thursday evening and he had already text me, asking if I was free Friday night. We ended up going to dinner and drinks that Friday night, March 4th, and we’ve been inseparable ever since. It took eight months of dancing around one another, but he finally asked me on a date.

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Two years later and I’m madly in love with my best friend. I am forever thankful for that hot summer day, when a hairy guy who was covered in mud from work, walked into my leasing office.

how they asked

Ethan and I have been together for two years, so we’re a bit complacent when it comes to life together. We got up that Saturday morning in May to go to Oxford to watch my dad graduate college. My grandparents and my aunt and uncle drove 5 hours to come see daddy graduate. After the graduation my entire family came to our house for a huge cookout on our lake. I’m inside the house running around like crazy and Ethan keeps pestering me to go outside and take pictures with the family; he would NOT leave me alone about it. I, reluctantly, put a ‘nice’ shirt back on and go down to the lake. We’re all taking family photos, and my sister wanted to get a few of me and Ethan. I smiled and Ethan grabbed my hand and started saying how much he loved me… then he tried to get something out of his pocket.

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That was the moment I knew he was proposing. He struggled to get the ring out of his pocket for a solid minute and we both had shaky hands and were laughing at each other. He finally got the box out, dropped to one knee, and asked if I would marry him. He had this huge speech prepared in his mind but all he could get out in that moment was, “I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. I love you so much, Haley. Will you marry me?” He probably said some other stuff too, but that’s all either of us remember, we were so excited. It was a perfect proposal on our lake with all of our family surrounding us. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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