Haley and Drew

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Morris, Illinois

How We Met

Drew and I met in college during the Spring of 2015; we were both attending Rockford University and I had just switched to a graphic design major… the same thing that Drew was studying! I remember I was so nervous that semester because I didn’t know a single person in the art building and was desperate to start making new friends. After my very first class that day (Art History), I turned to the person next to me and asked if he was an art major too. Enter Drew!

In the months that followed, Drew and I would exchange hellos and help each other by sharing notes, or reminding one another of important deadlines. I instantly had a huge crush on this sweet, handsome guy who seemed to love the same things I did. We slowly went from talking about assignments to texting almost every moment of every day and endured the longest summer ever of being apart in our separate hometowns nearly two hours apart, and I had no clue what the next semester would hold for us. But the week that classes started up, Drew finally asked me to meet him for some ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery – I drove out to meet him in the nastiest storm of the summer, but I was not about to be thwarted from possibly the most highly-anticipated first date ever. He gave me the biggest hug ever when I made it there, and we talked for hours about everything. Drew would tell you that I barely touched my ice cream, but that’s what happens when I’m a nervous wreck I guess!

Our second date was the day that, for me, made me sure that what Drew and I had was something special. He picked me up in his red pickup truck (cue the country songs!) and we drove out to a drive-in movie theater. The truck bed was piled high with pillows and blankets, and I waited SO impatiently during the entire first movie for Drew to grab my hand, to no avail! I felt so defeated and so doubtful, but the moment the second movie started, he snatched up my hand. My heart literally skipped a beat, and I couldn’t control my excitement, so I just let out the biggest laugh and then snuggled in close. We both agreed about ten minutes later that the movie was AWFUL, so we hopped into the truck, drove down a couple of country roads, and found a spot under the most beautiful night sky I’ve ever seen to cuddle up. I’m pretty sure even my wild imagination couldn’t have dreamed up that romantic of a scenario, but needless to say, it was an amazing night. We counted shooting stars and talked and laughed, and somewhere in between, I knew I was falling in love with the guy from my art history class.

How They Asked

Soon after Drew and I started dating, he brought me home to Morris to meet his family and friends and show me around his hometown. That first night, we went out to a friend’s family farm to take some photos of the stars (I am a photographer and love night photography, and Drew has always been quick to support me and join me on my photo adventures!). I snapped a few of the barn and the stars and then Drew and I hopped in front of the camera for a few! In our four years of dating – this became our tradition every year to snap a few night photos of ourselves at our favorite spots.

Then, just eight days shy of our four year dating anniversary, I went down to Drew’s house in Morris for the hundredth time with my camera in tow. He’d reminded me we hadn’t taken our yearly night photo, and we both agreed it would be the perfect day for it! Drew and I drove out to the same barn we’d visited four years earlier, blasting music as he held my hand. We got to our spot, and I took my time setting up all of my equipment and testing my lighting. Drew is very familiar with the routine and helped me get everything perfect before I hit the timer and ran over to him to strike our pose. The rules are always the same: get there in time, hug each other close, and don’t move a muscle until the photo has been taken! So when I got there and suddenly Drew took a step away from me and began to drop to one knee, my very first thought was “Where are you going?! The photo isn’t finished yet?”

Haley and Drew's Engagement in Morris, Illinois

But there I stood, as the flash went off and the photo was taken, staring at my best friend down on one knee before me, asking me to marry him. I think I was in a bit of shock, but couldn’t contain my happiness and probably hugged him a hundred times after I said yes. It was the perfect, most thoughtful way to propose and I loved that we got to share this private moment together, and remember it forever with a truly epic night photo!

Special Thanks

Haley Foster
 | Photographer