Haley and Derek

How We Met

4 years ago, we were college students and RAs and he asked me out with a scavenger hunt around our college.

how they asked

Fast forward 4 years, and we live together with our fur baby. We decided to celebrate Christmas with his family this year, so we planned a weekend for my mom to come to our apartment to celebrate the holiday. We did our nails and hair when she came, and the next day we had a mini Christmas morning. After the gifts we went to run an errand and we ended up in front of my college campus. My mom stopped the car, handed me my things and an envelope, and told me that I was supposed to get out. She blew me a kiss and drove away. I opened the envelope which was from Derek and it talked about our 4 years together and said I better hurry because he was waiting for me. The first place was a building on campus where he first saw me and the clue was taped to a vending machine.

The next place was the college housing where we met, started dating, and lived for 4 years. In the middle of the housing area was a good friend from school with a clue. This clue told me to drive to our first date spot. My car was parked in the housing parking lot, the location of the restaurant was pre-loaded on my map app, and the car was set to play our song when I turned it on. I drove a few minutes to the restaurant where the hostess had the clue which told me to go to our apartment. When I got home there were roses on the counter and a clue that said my dog had the next clue. Once I chased my dog down, I got the clue on her collar which told me that he was waiting for me at a park near by.

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It said that I needed to take a Uber and that this was my last chance to freshen up. It was the perfect touch so I could reapply all of the makeup I cried off. I took the Uber to the park where he found me and walked me to an area where he set up with rose petals on the ground and pictures of us. It was just us except for a friend who took the pictures. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!