Haley and Dave's Sunset Proposal

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How we met

Haley – Dave and I love telling this story. He and I grew up just 15 minutes from each other our whole lives but never actually met until college. Dave’s roommate and my roommate were dating, and through them Dave and I began to get to know each other. On our first date, we swapped stories about mutual friends we had, and countless situations where we could have met. But, timing is everything and Dave and I met at the exact right time in our lives. He and I knew right away that our relationship was something different, and something special. The stars aligned and as Dave says: “the rest is history.”

Dave – We didn’t meet until our third year at college through both of our roommates who were dating each other. The funny part is that we lived three streets away from each other in college and didn’t meet until that time. We also grew up in neighboring towns in Ohio and had many mutual friends prior to meeting at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA. Although we always lived so close, it took that long to meet and the rest is history.

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how they asked

Dave – Haley and I were going to Florida to visit her sister and boyfriend for a couple of days. Although Haley and I had talked about engagement a few times, she had no idea that I was planning to propose that weekend. It was my birthday, so we set the night up by pretending to plan a dinner and night out to celebrate.

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We started the evening at Lake Eola Park, right at sunset. With the help of Haley’s brother-in-law, David and younger sister, Kelsey, we arranged for Elle Baez to secretly capture the moment. I got a completely unaware Haley to sit with me on a bench overlooking the lake. I made a few comments about the beautiful night and how fun this trip will be for us until I finally got down on one knee.

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After telling her how much I loved her, I asked if she would make this the best birthday ever and agree to marry me. All the while, Elle and her assistant snapped pictures of the whole scene. Following the tears, hugs, and kisses, we made our way to dinner, where I had Haley’s mother and siblings there to surprise her. The whole night was perfect and we spent the rest of the trip celebrating our very happy engagement.

Haley – Thinking back on this day fills me with so much joy. Dave and I had traveled to Florida to visit my sister and her boyfriend. The first day of the trip was Dave’s birthday, and we’d planned to have dinner and drinks in downtown Orlando. With the intentions of walking through downtown on that beautiful night, we started at Lake Eola. The sun was setting and the whole park glowed. Dave pulled me over to a bench and wrapped his arm around me. We talked for a second or two and then he got down on one knee and I was completely shocked.

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After many sweet words he said “Will you make this the best birthday ever and agree to marry me?” I will never forget that moment, or the adorable way he asked. I, of course, said yes and wrapped him in the biggest hug!

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He then turned me around to show me Elle and her assistant who had captured the whole thing! As if that wasn’t already perfect enough, waiting at dinner for us was my mom and my siblings! I’d just finished drying my happy tears but couldn’t help but cry more when I saw them! The rest of the weekend we spent buzzing with excitement over that incredibly special night!

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