Haley and Dane

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How We Met

I was visiting my brother at his fraternity tailgate when a guy walked up to me and asked my name. I barely knew him and our conversation was short but I never forgot him. Every game after we would run into each other. He finally asked me out one day and we started dating shortly after. He was in the army and I was finishing up my senior year at the University of South Carolina but we made it work with countless weekend road trips. Needless to say I found the most wonderful man at the most unexpected time.

how they asked

Dane is in the army and our relationship has mostly been distant. We visit each other quite often. When I went to visit him for the Army Ball I didn’t give any thought to his request to take photos by the bridge outside the city in Nashville. While posing for photos he kissed my head and dropped to one knee. I never imagined such an amazing moment would happen on such an amazing day!

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