Haley and Corey

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The best day of my life started on 12•19•2019. Corey & I have been together for a little over a year. We don’t have your average relationship. Corey is in the Army & is stationed in New York whereas I live in Indiana and work as a Dental Assistant full time. Although we aren’t able to see each other as much as we want, We cherish every single moment we are together & appreciate each other more than anything.

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I knew the first time I met him that he was something special. Corey and I were supposed to meet each other in Florida, where he is from, and spend Christmas together with his family. Surprisingly, Corey was able to get an extra week of leave and came to Indiana for a whole week! I had to work that whole week & ended up getting really sick. The day of our engagement Corey had told me we won two tickets to go ice skating and that we really needed to go because we also could be in a raffle to win a free cruise. I was able to get out of work early and Corey convinced me to go ice skating, even though I felt terrible. We ice skated for a good 45 minutes. Laughing and just having the best time.

Everyone was told to clear the ice for “maintenance” and Corey tried really really really hard to keep me on the ice. He even asked me to race him! I remember telling him we had to get off or we would get in trouble but he insisted we waited until everyone else got off. That’s when I heard our favorite song “Yours” from Russell Dickerson. I immediately put my hands in my face and couldn’t believe it. Even though everyone was staring at us, I felt as if we were the only ones there. I said YES! I’m still shocked I get to marry the man of my dreams. We can’t wait to finally be together and have our happily ever after ❤️

Haley and Corey's Engagement in Kokomo, Indiana