Haley and Chad

how we met

Chad was playing college baseball in Dallas and I was attending college at Texas State. A mutual friend of ours started talking about how much we reminded her of each other and how we would be a perfect match. She invited him up to San Marcos to visit us and the entire first night we met we stayed up the entire night talking. We both knew from the moment we met that we got along like Best friends who had known each other our whole life. We also knew very early on that we would end up getting married and spending our lives together. Our love story is an adventure full of so much love and laughter. We are forever thankful our friend Madison introduced us.

how they asked

Chad’s sister and her fiance were moving to Austin. The four of us are super close so we decided to do an entire weekend exploring Houston before they moved. We decided to go to McGovern Centennial Gardens and out to dinner. Haley didn’t know it at the time but the day before Chad got in trouble for trying to scope out a place he wanted to propose with his photographer friend. The gardens are super strict about people not taking pictures with out permits. When the four of us got to the gardens the day of the proposal and the cops were following us around the entire time. Haley’s sassy self was about to say something to the cops and everyone else was just trying to act normal wondering if the cops were about to blow the entire proposal. His sister was taking our picture and Chad dropped to a knee. He photographer friend was in hiding and jumped out. The pictures are priceless!

Special Thanks

Amy Maddox Photography
 | Photography
Hermann Park
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