Haley and Caden

Haley's Proposal in Lake Lanier, Georgia

How They Asked

I had no idea he was going to ask. I knew it was Sydney’s homecoming party from her trip to Hong Kong but never thought much of it. In fact, I was running late getting ready for her party. I figured, well I am her sister and need to be there early, but if I am late will people really be mad? Needless to say, I took my sweet time. Meanwhile, everyone around me was hastily trying to speed me up but again, I had no idea. Eventually, Caden came over and suggested I hurry along, but make sure ‘I felt beautiful,’ I was not thrown by this because it is custom of him to make sure I feel my best.

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Regardless I finished up and hopped in his car. I was a bit confused by his playlist, he was playing classic folky-country hits and its not our usual genre. I asked him to change the music but he said ‘why I love this music,’ I replied ‘uhhh no you don’t.’ I guess it was then that I figured ‘maybe it isn’t going to happen tonight, but perhaps it may.’ My next thought was if it is tonight, make sure you make him laugh and keep it light in the car! If it was going to be that evening I wanted him as stress-free and comfortable as possible. As we approached Sydneys Party I saw a ‘Welcome Home’ balloon on the mailbox of this lake house we were pulling into and was instantly reassured for the reason of the night’s festivities.

However, as we were parking our best friend, Garrett Ballew came storming out seeking Caden’s help at the dock to help with a boat problem. Caden quickly exited the car to help as Garrett came around the car to hug and welcome me and let me know everyone was inside. I recall thinking ‘huh, Caden knows nothing about boats, it is probably happening.’ I got out of the car and proceeded to the house to find all my girlfriends waiting inside for me. They welcomed and hugged me and told me I had to hurry upstairs to change into my dress.

Once upstairs I was greeted by more of my girls, a letter, and a complete outfit for our special occasion. I told Caden when the time came I probably would not cry but his best chance to make me emotional was through his words. His letter was heartfelt and beautiful and it was just enough to send me over the edge. A few happy and nervous tears later I was telling my girls we had to hurry because I knew he was off somewhere waiting for me a nervous wreck and I wanted to quickly get to him. I changed and hurried down the stairs to the basement to exit the back door.

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When the door opened Caden and I’s song, ‘Music to My Eyes,’ my lifelong friends, their significant others, and family were waiting for me. Everyone made a path along the sides of the backyard leading me to the woods and eventually the dock. I instantly saw Caden waiting in his suit looking at me from the top of the dock and hurried through hugs of loved ones and best wishes. Once I was through I ran as quick as I could up the dock and to him where he greeted me with a hug and a promise of forever. After 6 years of love and friendship, I can now look forward to calling him Husband.”

-Haley Dunigan

” She said yes.”

-Caden Cooper

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