Haley and Bryce

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Istanbul, Turkey

How We Met

Bryce and I worked at a summer camp in Northern Michigan. The moment I met him I realized how fun-loving, witty, charming, and kind he is. The way he interacted with the campers was so incredibly endearing, how could I not fall head-over-heels?! The only problem, is that I was his boss (that’s right ladies!!) and we were not able to date. As soon as the summer ended, Bryce asked me on our first date where we spent hours in a local coffee shop playing games, and getting to know one another. (It went so well, we had date #2 the very next day!)

Proposal Ideas Istanbul, Turkey

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Istanbul, Turkey

how they asked

Having just left the airport, I stood in tears. I just said goodbye Bryce as he headed to Istanbul, Turkey to study abroad. I was hopeful I would be able visit him for the new year, but I was also dreading the prospect of dating from opposite sides of the world.

The next 4 months were difficult. FaceTime dates, late night phone calls, and many tears defined our 4 months. The political situation between Turkey and the US deteriorated and the difficult process of obtaining a visa became more difficult. Through much perseverance, many tears and a 3 am trip to Chicago for a visa appointment, I was finally able to obtain a visa and my ticket was punched to see Bryce in Istanbul.

My first day in Istanbul seemed to be the most perfect day ever. A year and a half earlier, on our first date we sat in a coffee shop in Evart, Michigan played Uno and checkers and did the crossword puzzle in the local newspaper. Today we walked to a Starbucks nestled on the Bosphorus. He pulled out Uno, and we played. We then went to a beautiful restaurant, also seated right on the Bosphorus. As we walked up, I noticed a copy of the New York Times was left on our table. We did the crossword puzzle. Next we went to his university where he gave me the grand tour and we found a checkerboard. He beat me.

Then we went to a park with a beautiful view of the whole city to watch the sunset. As we approached the staircase that led to the most romantic and dramatic view of the entire city, I saw them. Christmas lights, along with every photo we had taken in our relationship had been strung up along the railings. We walked down memory lane together, laughing and crying at the memories we had shared. Halfway down were screenshots he had taken of our FaceTime dates from the past 4 months. And then the photos turned white. He took my hands, looked up the steps and said “Haley we’ve made so many memories together, but we have so many more to make!”He then dropped to one knee and asked me to marry him, and of course I said yes!!

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