Haley and Bryant

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How We Met

Right after I graduated high school I got accepted into a medical program I didn’t know much about, in a town I didn’t know much about, and lived with 3 other girls that I also didn’t know much about. When you live in a 3 bedroom 2 bath apartment with a total of 4 girls you become very acquainted very fast. Lacey and I were the first to hit it off (we shared one of the 3 bedrooms). I had never met Bryant, heard of him, or laid my eyes on him until I met Lacey in the Jefferson’s parking lot to give her my share of that months rent. We were standing in the parking lot of the restaurant talking with friends when a white Nissian Altima pulls up beside us, and this 6 foot, blue eyed, soft smiling, tattooed up man got out of it. The first thing he did when he got out of his car was introduce himself and shake my hand like a real gentleman should. It didn’t take long for me to question Lacey all about Bryant. With one handshake and smile I wanted to know everything about him.

how they asked

Saturday September 9th started just like any regular day would for us. Bryant was going to help his mom with some landscaping early that morning, and his sister, Lindy, invited me over for coffee and to play with her new make up pallet (hello.. yes. make up AND coffee!?). I brought all of the things I needed to get ready for the day with me to Lindy’s house. I walk in the door around 9 am with my hair up and my pjs still on (farthest thing from a morning person there is). Little did I know that this was the start of a day I would always remember. I sit down and begin to sip on my coffee and try to wake up. Lindy was staring at me, standing beside her shut dining room door. ” I have something for you,” she said.

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I didn’t really know what to expect. And if you know Lindy then you would know why. Confused as all get out, she hands me a letter, takes my cell phone, and opens her dining room door.. all in about 10 seconds. My best friend Kayla (KC Photography), comes out of the dining room and immediately takes my picture. They encouraged me to open the letter. When I opened the letter I was immediately filled with emotions. My Bryant had set this whole thing up. In the sweetest letter I’d ever read he explained to me how important this day was, how much he loved me, that Lindy was going to be my guide for the day, and Kayla was going to document the day. In the letter my task was to get ready and be at Jefferson’s at 10:30, and that somebody would be there to deliver the next letter.

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Kayla and Lindy helped me get ready and pick out my outfit for the day! We arrive at Jefferson’s and I am greeted first thing by Lacey (my roommate from college)!! “What is going on?” I asked. I was still in shock. Lacey hands me my 2nd letter of the day. The letter from Bryant refreshes my old memories of where we first met, and who we met through. If it wasn’t for Lacey I would have never met this amazing man.

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In the 2nd letter of the day Bryant includes cash, and instructions to go get my nails done and to find a dress for the night. He ensures me that I am getting closer to my destination of the day.

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I had the nails and the perfect dress. Now what? Lindy and Kayla drive me to our church. The one place we can be together and have zero cares, or fears, or worries. The one building that gives us instant peace when we walk through the doors every Sunday The place we go to love, and worship The One who makes all of this possible. At the front door of the church stood Bryant’s mom, his other sister, his two precious children, and nephew.

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With the biggest smile on her face, his mom handed me the last letter of the day. The letter read… “This is your final stop of the day and my favorite one. I love being in this place with you. I have been in here many many Sundays just going through the motions but something changed after being with you for a while. My relationship with God is better than ever and in return my relationship with you has flourished. Making God and the Church a priority in our lives will never be an issue. I am reassured of that when I see you in His house worshiping and loving as you do…” Whew. Lord, thank you for a man that loves you like I do. The letter continued and instructed me of my last task of the day. Go back to Lindy’s and get ready so that she can bring me to him.

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On our way to Bryant.. Lindy blindfolds me… BLINDFOLDS ME.. I don’t like this one bit and complain the whole way until the car stops. Where are we? Where is Bryant? She gets out of the car and we walk on pavement until we step on some grass. She places me and tells me not to move…Still not knowing where I was or what was going on around me…

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Lindy takes off my blindfold, and there stands my handsome man in front of me. We were overlooking the bluff and the Tennessee River right at sunset. Talk about the BEST view.

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The man of my dreams asked me to marry him.

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In front of both our families, I said yes to marrying my best friend. I give thanks to The Lord for blessing me with all of the people that made that day possible. These two ladies. I can’t say enough how much I love and appreciate you both.

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As for this guy. I can’t wait to be your wife.

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Special Thanks

Kayla Cobb
 | Photographer