Haley and Brady

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How We Met

I met Brady through mutual friends about 7 months ago. We didn’t start actually talking til the beginning of March, but once we did we didn’t stop. We haven’t had a day apart since and got engaged after one month! When you know you know, and we knew right away.


how they asked

On April 18, Brady showed up to my house telling me he was taking me on an adventure. 20 minutes later we ended up at the airport. Brady had me open the trunk and in it I found our suitcases and tickets to Disneyland. We spent the next day at Disneyland on our one month anniversary. We had so much fun riding the rides and playing around at the park. Halfway through the day, Brady took me over to the castle to take pictures.

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He asked me to turn around and look at the castle so we could take pictures facing the castle. When I turned back around to see where Brady had gone, he was down on one knee asking me to marry him.

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I could not have been more shocked! Never did I expect do get engaged to my favorite boy in the world at my favorite place in the world. April 19, 2017 will always be the most special day.

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