Haley and Boston

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How We Met

Boston and I first met by a series of odd coincidences and found ourselves first meeting in the Anglican Cathedral in Liverpool. Nearly two years later and Boston had flown from California to Liverpool for my birthday. I had my suspicions that he would ask this week but I was pretty sure it would be on my birthday. My brother arranged this behind the scenes tour for my family to explore the cathedral with Boston. So early in the morning, the day before my birthday we went to the cathedral.

how they asked

As we were touring, I kept questioning each little thing. As we continued on, there was a little stairwell off of the tour and Boston kept insisting I follow him down. I continued to follow I the tour. Finally, I went along with him and gladly so.

As we stepped down, the stairwell opened to a large beautiful chapel. The aisle was lined with candles and dozens of pink and red rose petals all down the aisle ending in the altar with a perfect heart. We walked down the aisle and in the center of that heart he got down on one knee, professed his undying love to me and then asked me to marry him.

I, overcome with emotion, nodded my head and he informed me ‘it doesn’t count unless you say it aloud’ I quickly exclaimed YES!

It was then that he slid the beautiful Cartier watch (which we had both decided on instead of a ring) on my wrist and pointed out my family and closest friends watching from up in the balcony. I could not have asked for a more lovely engagement and cannot wait for a life by his side.

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Special Thanks

Victoria Tetley
 | Photographer