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How We Met

Anthony and I have known each other for over 7 years. He is actually cousins with my best friends fiancé, yes that’s right, I get to be related to my best friend! As a result of this connection, Anthony has always been around, however, I was in a long term relationship with someone else for a good portion of what we have known each other and for the most part we were just friends. Once, my relationship had ended and I was dating again, Anthony asked me out and the connection was instant and the rest was history. We have so much in common, he really is more than just my partner, he truly is my best friend.

how they asked

Anthony and I both love traveling, plus he loves to take landscape photos, so we decided to hire a caravan and travel around the South Island of New Zealand together in winter 2015. On our second day, Anthony took my to this bush track he had heard about online on a photography forum. A private, secret, hidden beach that we had to abseil down too, via a make shift ladder and rope nailed into the rock face. It was all a little scary and exciting at the same time. Once my foot hit the sand however, all I felt was pure joy, the beach was beautiful, with snow just covering the tips of the rocks protruding from the crystal blue water. It was magical, and the best part was, we were the only people on the beach.

Anthony asked me to stand near the water with the rocks in the background so he could get a photo (which was nothing out of the ordinary, as he regularly would ask me to stand/sit or just be in his photographs). Though instead, he set up the camera to film the entire proposal. I was none the wiser. When he started walking over to me, I was slightly confused and even more shocked when he dropped to one knee, I honestly had no idea. I started shaking, crying and even forgot to answer him (for what he said, felt like a life time). Although, when I did finally realise and take in what was happening, I was the happiest girl in the world and said “yes” immediately.

I can’t wait to marry my best friend and the man of my dreams on August 6th 2016, exactly one year after he proposed.

Haley's Proposal in New Zealand

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