Haley and Andrew

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How We Met

I was 16, and I wanted to record an EP to bring to Nashville in hopes of becoming a famous country star (as you do when you’re a 16 year old Taylor Swift wanna-be). A friend told me about a studio he knew of, so I show up to meet the studio owner, expecting an older guy with kids, and I see an adorable ginger with the sweetest smile. He looked like Ronald Weasley, so instantly I was in love. Flash forward 8 months, we’d become close friends sharing stories and songs. I continued to love him from afar and never let him know out of fear. I decided I wanted to do a music video and had this whole dream of how I wanted to do it in the woods with string lights and a piano, so we set out to make this dream a reality. We recorded the music video, and the next day he told me he had feelings for me. The rest is history.

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how they asked

I moved to Australia for schooling about a year after we started dating, so we continued dating long distance. While I was home for Christmas break to see him, we were at church and he told me he got a call from his uncle saying someone vandalized his old house (the one with the studio where we met and the woods where we did the video). I totally believed him as we sped off from church to get to his house. We show up and he takes me into the woods where we filmed the music video, and there are candles in jars hanging from the trees, on the ground, and two signs that say “the place we fell in love” and “the place we will stay in love”.

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He asked me to be his wife and I’ve never said “yes” with such certainty before!

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I’m now getting to marry the man of my absolute wildest dreams.

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Special Thanks

Brooke Embree
 | Photographer