Haley and Andrew

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How We Met

Andrew and I met working at a church back in 2014. Our lives had crossed paths for a few years before but the first time we officially met we both remember thinking “oh, crap, that person is trouble!” As in, we both thought we were attractive but weren’t ready to be in a relationship ;) From there we were friends for a couple years and then we easily transitioned into dating!

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Haley and Andrew's Engagement in Carlsbad, Ca

How They Asked

We decided to get married only 7 weeks before we actually did. Our choice was either to do it in 7 weeks or 8 months, and we liked the weeks-long option better! We had already dated for a few years and knew for a while we would get married. Since it was a short engagement, we were paying for everything ourselves and we were going to have a 50 person wedding, we decided to keep our engagement (and wedding) private! We only told the people invited and few other close friends/family members. We picked out the ring online weeks before and ordered it as soon as we found out my ring size. Since we were never officially “engaged” I decided to not wear a ring until the big day. I thought it would be super unique to have him give me the ring during our “first look” on the big day – and that’s what we did! On our wedding day, after our “first look” I had completely forgotten about the ring because I was so anxious and excited! Andrew made a comment like “I like your jewelry, but you’re missing something else” and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him, that day! It was actually the first time I had seen the ring in person and it was the most precious and unique moment.

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