Haley and Andre

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How We Met

It was the last weekend of June and I was out at H&8th in downtown Oklahoma City (a local food truck/live music/market night). I was with my sister, Maggie, when we ran into Nick and Daniel, two friends from college. After chatting and catching up for a while, Daniel sees his friend Andre and decides to go say hi. However, before he walks away, he looks back at me and says, “now THIS is the guy you should date.” Daniel proceeds to go get Andre and brings him back to meet us.

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After meeting, Andre and I figured out that we had actually been at OSU during the same years, had tons of mutual friends, and were now both attending the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, so we had lots to talk about. Little did I know, after that initial meeting, Andre asked the guys if I was single because he was interested. Everyone went on about their night, and just as Maggie and I were about to head home, we happened to run into Andre again, so we stopped and talked a little more. That following Monday, I was at the OUHSC gym working out after class, when I happened to run into Andre yet again.

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I am not much for chatting in the gym, but I made an exception that day. After briefly talking and meeting Andre’s brother Jeremy, I left to go meet my friends at the pool. I, of course, had to tell them all about this cute boy I met and ran into again that day. Just as I was about to head home from the pool, none other than Andre and Jeremy walk into the pool area. Andre sees me from across the pool and walks over to say hi and meet my friends, so we talked again, discussing school and friends, and we figured out that Andre knew my summer professor.

We invited him to class, never dreaming he would show up. But of course, Thursday class rolls around, and in walks Andre and Jeremy to join class. Luckily for Andre, I am a back row student so he could sit right beside me. We chatted for a bit until class started, then we listened to the lecture. When class was over, Andre claims that I said goodbye and bolted out the door. However, in my defense, it was 4th of July weekend, and I wanted to get to the lake.

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The weekend started and Andre knew the odds of him running into me again were not great, so he resorted to wonderful Facebook to contact me which I was not sad about. After a few messages back and forth over the weekend, Andre finally asked me for my number and asked me on a date. The following Friday, July 10th, we went on our first date to my favorite restaurant and played mini golf after. It was a perfect evening.

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From there, the relationship took off. Andre and I spent lots of time together going on dates, to outdoor concerts, church together, and a month later I took Andre home to meet my parents. That weekend Andre officially asked me to be his girlfriend, and I excitedly said yes, of course.

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The following 14 months were dreamy. We have gone on adventures, gone to weddings and family gatherings, met each others friends and family, traveled together, spend multiple weekends at the lake in my home town, we got through my final year of my master’s program and Andre’s third year of medical school, From the beginning, we both knew that something was very different about this relationship. Something was special, and it just felt so right.

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how they asked

14 months after we met, on September 30, 2016, our parents were finally meeting for the first time. The six of went to dinner at my favorite restaurant (the same place Andre took me on our first date.) After a wonderful dinner, we all headed back to Andre’s parents house to meet up with my little sister, Maggie. On the way, Andre decided to take a little detour to Lake Hefner to watch the sunset. Lake Hefner was the location of our first date, our first kiss, and where Andre first told me he loved me, so it was extra special to us.

Andre pulled out to one of our favorite spots on the lake, and then I finally realized what was really happening. I saw a path of candles and flowers leading to a table and sign that Andre had made with a perfect view of the lake and the gorgeous sunset in the background. He walked me out to the end of the path, where he told me how special the last year had been to him, all the reasons he adored me, and what he was looking forward to as we began our future together. Then he got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life loving him.

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I immediately said YES about 20 times.

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Then we headed back to Andre’s parents house for one more surprise. Waiting at the house were all of Andre’s and my closest friends and family to celebrate with them. The night was perfect and one that we will never forget.

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Special Thanks

Maggie Rogers
 | Photographer, Ring Designer, and Master Planner
Hayden Coffee
 | Photographer Assistant
Jeremy Ruhlmann
 | Andre's Partner in Crime