Haley and Alan

Marriage Proposal Ideas in The Alabama 4-H Center

How We Met

Alana and I met Junior year of high school at Youth Leadership Shelby County (YLSC), a program where students considered upcoming leaders meet. The night we met we talked for hours and Alan knew right then and there that I was the girl he was going to marry. It took me a little longer to figure it out, too caught up in a crush on a different guy to realize what was right in front of me.

After four years of just being friends, after hanging out Alan and a few other friends. I was talking to my friend Lauren about him and for some reason that conversation made me realize I had feelings for Alan. After getting him alone and telling him so, we had a super long discussion on what this meant for us as friends and at the end of the discussion we decided to try dating and to take it slow, neither one of us wanting to ruin the friendship but both wanting to try being in a relationship together.

how they asked

I moved to Tuscaloosa to start going to The University of Alabama, which is where Alan goes to school. As the Fall semester at UA started back up, we started spending more time together and growing closer together. Constantly praying with each other and working to keep God at the center of our relationship. Even through a couple rough patches in the year and a half we dated before he proposed, we managed to realign our relationship onto him and were able to come out into smoother patches stronger and more unified than ever.

I have been praying for a man of God since I was a little girl who would treat me the way I deserved to be treated and how God intended for his children to be treated. I thought I had found that person in high school and even though I had I didn’t realize it was Alan, I thought it was my crush. Silly me. Alan is everything I have ever prayed for and more.

As we continued to receive affirmation from God that we had found the one created for each other, we continued to grow closer and get more involved in the church.

After a year together, the conversation turned to marriage and the future and what that future looked like together. Alan began to pray and ask God to reveal to him the time planned out for him to ask me to be his wife, which he told me after the proposal. After receiving confirmation of a time, Alan warned me that he was probably going to propose sooner than I realized. Brushing it off I didn’t think anything of it but asked God to prepare me for the proposal day and for peace (which I received because peace is the best feeling).

A few months later, on November 3rd, which is the day we met, Alan brought me to the place where we had first met 5 years ago, Alabama 4-H Center, and after walking hand in hand throughout the property and reminiscing about when we first met, Alan led me to the Welcome Center where string lights had been set up around the proposal spot. After urging me to read a letter he had written to me for when he proposed, Alan got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him and marry him. I said yes obviously and we couldn’t be happier or more excited to start this chapter of our lives together.

Haley and Alan's Engagement in The Alabama 4-H Center

Wedding Proposal Ideas in The Alabama 4-H Center

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