Haleigh and Matthew

How We Met

Matt and I met online. He messaged me and told me that he was impressed I went to law school and told me that his ideal day was to go to the farmer’s market, shop around, and then spend the day looking up recipes. I messaged him back because that was also my ideal day! We had our first date at a small mediterranean restaurant and the rest is history full of biking, beer, and family.

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how they asked

The entire day was the biggest surprise of my life! That weekend we had friends in town visiting and had spent the previous night out eating and drinking. We had plans to go to brunch on Saturday at our favorite restaurant the Green Gateau to show our friends. When we got to the restaurant is was raining and both Matt and I did not feel great from the night before. Matt even had asked me if I thought he had a fever, so I never would have guessed that he would be proposing on that day!

His friends had already offered to pay, so when the check arrived, Matt excused himself to the restroom. (I later found out he had actually snuck out of the back door of the restaurant- but not until after the proposal). While talking with his friends, waiting for Matt, his friend pulls out a gold envelope that says “#1” on it. I was very confused, but opened the card. Inside was a card with a photo of the two of us, on the inside of the card was a screenshot of the first message he had sent me online. Additionally, there was a note that told me I was going to have an adventure today and that I better practice my smile because the next time I saw him I would have the biggest smile of my life. The card also mentioned that there was a private car waiting for me and that I should take my sister along for the ride. Finally, there was a sticky note with $20 that said to go buy some baklava from the place we had our first date. I looked up from reading the card and his friend told me to follow him. We went outside and sure enough there was a private car waiting for me with my sister already inside! I said goodbye to his friends and we headed off to find clue number 2.

When I got into the car my sister and I freaked out for a little while, but then she handed me one more important part to the day. It was a small wooden hand bound book with the quote carved on it from Winnie the Pooh, “from the moment I meant you I knew it was going to be an adventure.” There was a bluetooth Polaroid printer in the car as well and I was instructed to take photos throughout the day and put them into the book.

When we arrived at Daffodil’s, the restaurant where we had our first date and there was a bouquet of flowers with another card that had #2 on it. This note discussed all the adventures we have had and will continue to have, in relation to the book he had made for me. There was also another sticky note with $20 telling me to get some coffee from our favorite place. I purchased the Baklava and we were off to Clue #3!

We then arrived at Cultiva, the coffee shop right next to our house. We had actually already been there that morning by our friends’ request so I got to explain to them why I was there again. My sister and I got some coffee and relaxed before she handed me Clue #3. This clue was more emotional because, early into our relationship Matt had broken both bones in his leg. He was non-weight bearing for 8 months! This in the end brought us closer together because I had to take care of him. This note was thanking me for all that I had done for him and apologizing for us not having the summer we thought we would. He mentioned that “he was happy to walk the journey with me.” This clue mentioned that it was time to see our fur baby. I knew that mean Clue 4 would be at our house with our cat.

When we got into the house I found the clue 4 by our living room. This clue was about our vacation to Door County Wisconsin. There we had welded a mini bike sculpture. The clue told me to go find the sculpture. I ran to our basement where I found Clue 5. This clue was a bit more about our vacation and told me to go where Matt watches M.A.S.H. at night. Then I ran to our bedroom and found Clue 6. This clue had a sweet quote from the t.v. show and had a joke about how one time we almost smoked his brother, Michael, out of the house with where I would find the next clue. I knew that meant our big dutch oven pot. I ran to the kitchen to find Clue #7. This clue was about how much we love to cook together and how important family is. Then, the clue told me to look where our cat always slept, which is the bedroom cable box. Clue 8 talked about how Matt would always watch over me and take care of me in the future. It then told me I had until 5 p.m. to get dressed for the rest of the evening. On my bed was laid out a blue dress that he had picked out for me. I now had about 2 hours to just breathe and soak in all that was happening to me. Each note had been so special and specific to our relationship and was a nice walk down memory lane.

My sister helped me get dressed and then at 4:55 she gave me Clue #9. This clue was about celebration and told me to go buy some champagne at the grocery store where he is a manager (which is the reason he moved to Lincoln). We get to the store and the wine and spirits manager already has a bottle ready for me along with Clue #10. This clue told me to go to Ploughshare Brewery, the location of Matt and I’s second date and first kiss! It had some more money and told me to get myself a flight of beers and a pretzel. After enjoying those, my sister handed me the last clue. She told me that after I read it she would be leaving and that I would go to the last place on my own. This clue had a photo of Matt’s broken leg X-Ray, which was very fitting for the last clue since the injury had been such a significant part of our relationship. The clue told me that it was time to go see him and let me know I would be going to Pioneers Park. I had my sister run out to the car to get the mouthwash before I would go see Matt! I got in the car and we started driving. I literally felt like I was a contestant on the bachelor, being driven to my proposal! I was excited to go the park because this was the location where Matt and I had a date that I had described as “the best day ever.” (Now it is the second best day ever!)

When we arrived at the park I was dropped off on a long path and told to walk until I found Matt. Luckily I didn’t have to go too far. As soon as I saw him we gave each other a big hug and kiss. He asked if I had had fun today and I said “of course!”. He took me back behind the trees where we were in an alcove near the lake. We were totally alone and away from the main path. He had set up a picnic blanket with rose petals, champagne, candles, the works!

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He had blurted out a few sweet things and then before I knew it he was on one knee showing me the most beautiful ring I could have ever dreamt of! I said yes although I’m not confident any sound actually came out of my mouth. We start hugging and kissing and I start to hear the clicking of a camera! I realized that Matt had planned to have the proposal photographed! We had a few pictures taken by the photographer and we made our way back to the car.

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We popped the champagne and celebrated our new life together. We were brought back to my parents house where Matt’s entire family had been hiding the whole time! Matt had planned a special dinner for both families to share together and we all celebrated into the night!

The whole day was the most amazing day! My only complaint is how long it takes to tell the story! But I will never forget the special day I got to have with my sister, doing a scavenger hunt, and which ended in me saying “yes” to spending the rest of my life with my best friend!

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Special Thanks

Yoni Gill
 | Photography