Haleigh and Chase

I am the hardest person to surprise and lucky for me Chase is a terrible liar so I never have had trouble figuring out what he is up to. But this time he got me, and boy did he get me good!

Friday I woke up in the rental home in Moab, UT. We had plans to hike in Arches National Park for a few hours but take it easy after a week of repelling and jeeping. After visiting the national park with both of our families and siblings we went back to the house and showered up. Chase had the idea of going to get milkshakes and fries before the sunset at our favorite spot that we had visited twice in the past two years, Dead Horse Point.

After taking an hour and a half to finish two milk shakes and a large order of fries we finally got on the road and headed towards the view point. We were going 45 in a 65 for some reason and I was getting impatient. When we made the turn off he went even slower! I thought we were going to miss the sunset! I was getting kind of upset at him. He then stopped at the visitor center to pay the $15 fee to get into the park, and let me tell you he took his sweet time.

Driving into the parking lot he started playing the song, “Let’s be Birds” by Jacob Whitesides (our song), and of course I thought nothing of it. We found a parking spot and started running to catch the sunset, I found a little tea light candle and said, “Chase look! someone lost a candle!” then he replied, “lets follow it.” Then we stumbled on another and another each one on top of a pathway of Cairns (trail markers).

The pathway led us to a lookout where I stopped, there was a blanket with candles and donuts and fake wine, and a sign that said, “will you be my birdie forever?” I walked up and just started crying, I couldn’t move, and when I looked at Chase he was crying too. He took my hand and led me to the blanket and in-between tears I imagine that he told me something like, “this is the place that I first knew I was going to marry you, so it’s only fitting that I ask you to marry me here” he pulls out the most beautiful custom ring box and opens it up, “Haleigh will you marry me?” by now the ring is already on my finger and I kiss him.

“I’ll take that as a yes?!” he says.

After, both our families came out and congratulated us.

It was truly the most beautiful day of my life.

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Haleigh and Chase's Engagement in Moab, UT