Haleigh and Austin

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How We Met

Austin and I were high school sweet hearts who met when we were 15. We met through my Sister and his good friend. It took him about 4 months of talking to each other to get me on a first date. We dated for just over a month and then he asked me to be his girlfriend. It was December 23, 2011 when he made it official. That day was the most special of all on how they asked me to be his girlfriend. He took me out of a beautiful date just him and I, then we went back to his house. He covered my eyes and guided me into his room, where a huge bouquet of blush pink, sparkly flowers awaited with a card. He waited behind me while I read the card expressing how much I meant to him and how lucky and honored he would be to call me his girlfriend. Right after he asked me, we call a call from his Dad that his first baby niece was going to be born that night. December 23, 2011 was the beginning of a beautiful relationship that turned into forever, and bringing into this world his beautiful niece.

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how they asked

It was Valentines day, a holiday we had never been extremely into. Austin, for our 5 year anniversary promised me that he would take me on private plane ride around Northern Colorado to see the beautiful Colorado sunset and the city lights. I never thought anything of it because it was a day that did not have a whole lot of significance. Originally, we were supposed to go on the flight 4 weeks prior to Valentines day, but there were plane issues, weather issues and not everybody could make it. So, the day came and it happened to land on Valentines day. We drove to the Loveland (the city of love) airport and took off around 5 pm. Austin told me we were going to dinner at 7:30, so we flew around for an hour and a half all around the front range.

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We flew over horsetooth, looked over Estes, and took a sharp turn flying parallel along the flat irons in Boulder. The sun had set and we flew over Fort Collins where we saw the beautiful city lights.

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We then landed back at Loveland airport and we received a phone call from his dad saying Austin had an amazing business opportunity and he could not turn it down. Mean while this is 6:30 pm so I thought okay we have an hour until dinner thats all you have. We were going to meet his dad and the guys for the “business” deal at the Budweiser Event center.

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We walk in there and it was just him and I, we walk to the middle of the arena where he rented it out for just him and I. All of a sudden, a video of us starts playing on the jumbotron, where photos flip through playing to the song Marry Me by Train. All over the arena it said “Will you Marry Me?”

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Then he got on one Knee, and I said yes!

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All of my family were able to witness this special moment hiding up in one of the boxes. Austins amazing sisters were able to capture this moment taking photos of our every move. My family was able to come out and congratulate both of us on this amazing moment and the beginning of a forever journey together.

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Special Thanks

Krystal Reeves
 | Photographer