Haleigh and Allen

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How We Met

Allen and I first met in 2015 in college while we were both attending Washington State University (WSU). Throughout college, we dated other people, and we were always platonic best friends. I would always joke and say how he was going to be one of my Bridesmen (?) one day when I got married. After we graduated college I moved back to my hometown, while Allen stayed at WSU to get his Masters’ Degree. Even though we were in different cities, our friendship still remained. I would make the occasional trip back to WSU to visit him and to go out to bars like what we did in Undergrad. There was one year he and some of my other friends came to my hometown for my birthday. One night we went to a bar and my family met up with us. Fast forward about 4 months, my cousin mentioned to me there was a guy on my birthday who was “in love with me”. Being really confused because all the guys at my birthday were just my friends, I showed her a picture of everyone there and asked her who it was. Without hesitation, she pointed to Allen. This made me laugh because we were just friends and she didn’t know what she was talking about…. or did she?

Years go by, and Allen graduates from grad school and shortly after moves to Arizona. All the while, we talked almost every day because we played video games together. One day he suggested I go to Arizona to visit him for a weekend, and I agree. Going into the weekend, I thought it was just going to be two friends getting drunk together. I was right, but also this is when our relationship really started. At this point, we both expressed feelings for each other. We dated unofficially for about a year, he was still in Arizona pursuing a career in Law Enforcement, and I was in Washington pursuing my dream of a career in Radio. After a year of navigating the waters, we made it official and continued dating long distances for another year. After essentially 2 years of long-distance, I decided to make the move to San Diego where Allen was now living. When we got engaged, I had been in San Diego for almost a year, and we had been together officially for 2 years.

Our relationship has been years in the making, and although it’s not perfect, we have a great foundation because we are friends first and we truly love each other to the core! I can’t wait to spend forever with my best friend!

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How They Asked

When Allen proposed, I had one of my best friends in town with her husband visiting us. Allen said that he had a dinner reservation for the four of us at Seaport Village in Downtown San Diego. When we got to Seaport Village, we kept walking past all the restaurants and I started getting confused. Allen then stops as we’re standing next to the water and in typical Allen fashion he tries to throw me off by saying “this isn’t what you think it is”. But then proceeds to grab my hands and tell me how he loves me and how much I mean to him.

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He then gets down on one knee, I was so excited that I barely let him say anything before I started hugging him. He planned everything perfectly and had our friends Arturo and Alex there to take pictures and videos. After we soaked in the moment and called our families, he tells me he has another surprise for me. We drive to the marina where he rented out a yacht, and we spent the next couple of hours cruising around the harbor celebrating with our friends. It was truly the best day of my life!

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