Halee and Eathan

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How We Met

Eathan and I met in grade 9. Its pretty easy to remember the moment I decided I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him, because it was the first moment we met. He was the skater boy with long flippy hair, and I was the little shy blonde girl who was always curious about him. We started dating in grade 11 and have been completely inseparable ever since.

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He captured my heart 5 years ago with his wit, charm and true gentlemen personality. We were high school sweethearts, following in both of our parents footsteps. We dated for three years after high school before he proposed. He has always been my Prince Charming and is my biggest dream come true.

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how they asked

Eathan has always known that Disneyland is my favorite place in the world. So when my family and I planned our vacation, he jumped on that opportunity. My family and I left on a Wednesday and he told me he would stay home to watch our dog and house. Little did I know, that was just his cover story. We had a wonderful few days there just our family, and then on the Friday, everything changed. That morning I noticed my mom and my dad were very emotional and my brother and sister were acting very different. I figured it was just the sun getting to them. That afternoon, my mom, sister and brother told my dad to keep me occupied and to meet them at the castle in 1 hour. So he did.

Once we got to the castle my mom shouted “Halee, look at the ducks in the pond!”. This got me to turn around long enough for them to pull out a speaker and cue the up the song. Then, my sister turned to me and said “oh, lets show Halee the dance that we’ve been working on.”. At first I was jealous that they made a dance that I wasn’t included in, but very soon after I started to clue in. Bruno Mars “Marry you” began to play on the sound system and my family started dancing this choreographed dance.

I started crying because not only did I think I knew what was happening but also because I just couldn’t believe it! Then out of the corner of my eye, I see Eathan’s parents walk up and stand next to each other. They part ways and standing right behind them is the love of my life with a ring box. He walks towards me, gets down on one knee and asks me to be his best friend forever and says “will you marry me?”.

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The four words I’ve been waiting for home to say since we first met. I nodded yes before he even finished the question. And there we were, surrounded by our family, the people we love most, and all the other Disneyland go-er’s who decided to stop, be apart of our moment and make it so much more amazing. It was truly the most amazing moment of my life.

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