Halak and Ankit

How We Met

Our story began in March of 2016. I had just joined Dil Mil (Indian dating app) a few days earlier. I decided I wasn’t ready (and my phone ran out of room) so I deleted the app just off my phone. Little did I know (now I am forever grateful for this…) but the app kept running through Facebook. A few weeks later, I decided to rejoin with my upgraded phone! I was flipping through all the matches/messages and I came across Ankit. He was from the South and had the kindest eyes. I was hooked. I read through his messages and even after no responses (since I deleted the app), he was persistent and sweet. I choose to message him back immediately. We messaged each other quite a bit in the next few days and we decided to meet for a drink.

Four days later, we met in person at an upscale Texan lounge in Washington, DC called BOE. We hit it off right away and within that night I knew I would see him very soon! Two days later he called and asked me out again! I always joke it went from “BOE to Beau” so fast! Although BOE recently closed, our love has outlasted the place we met. Summer 2016 The summer of 2016 we fell in love. We went on weekend getaways to Virginia Wine Country, met each other’s families, attended friend’s weddings, and spent every moment together experiencing DC. Everything happened so fast, yet so natural as if this was the way it was always meant to be. Fall 2016 As the leaves changed color, so did our love.

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In October I went on a girl’s trip with my sister and best friends. We went to Iceland to experience an outdoorsy type of vacation. On the last day of our trip, we were in Reykjavik. On the itinerary it said “free day,” and I was ready to really enjoy walking around the city after days of hiking, glaciers, etc. But my sisters/besties trip (aka the “Dream Team”) convinced me to go to another hike/waterfall much to my dismay at the time. After complaining that “I had seen 100 waterfalls and this couldn’t be much different…” I went. On the way to the waterfalls it finally stopped raining. I snapped pictures of the most amazing sun-rays I had ever seen and said to the girls, “look at the sun, the day couldn’t be more perfect for our last day here.” Little did I know that in next 20 minutes my life would change forever.

As we headed towards the “hidden gem” waterfall (only known by locals)…I tried hard to stay on the path after almost falling. When I got closer to the top, I saw Ankit standing on the edge of the cliff! The rest was just the beginning – he asked me to spend my life with him and I said YES!

We toasted champagne and headed to the Blue Lagoon to celebrate! Afterwards, we went to an intimate dinner with our close family and friends in Reykjavik. It was amazing.

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Followed by yet another surprise, Ankit whisked me away to the famous Ion Hotel where we spent the night and next morning before flying out to DC. It is rated as one of the most unique hotels in the world (by CNN) because it is tucked away in the mountains on stilts and has geothermal hot springs under the hotel. It was so beautiful. The day was truly magical and beyond anything I could have ever dreamed. Winter 2016 We are starting our life together with a long journey ahead. I cannot wait.

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