Haily and Alexander

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How We Met

Alex and I met through a mutual friend at the time back in high school. He seemed to be the guy everyone got along with and was very social. I was very fond of him and his personality and how sweet and charming he was towards me. At the time, we both of course were dating around and not really looking for anything serious. Two days before my senior year of high school, Alex showed up to my job with a bouquet of flowers and told me he was taking me out on a date. At the time, we lived 45 minutes away from each other so it wasn’t so easy to spend tons of time together but he made it work.

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That night, we drove back towards his hometown and went to a vintage styled movie theater, saw a great movie, grabbed dessert, walked around a talked. By the end of the night I really felt like this connection could be something bigger than just a fling. So he drove me back to my work where my car was parked, we ended up sitting in my car and talking for awhile. I finally had the courage to ask him if he wanted to be a couple or not? He then said, I was waiting for you to let me know if your ready. This was two days before my senior year of high school and we haven’t separated since….

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how they asked

So 7 years later, Alex and I were both really focusing on our own paths in life. Mine with finishing off my degree and him with chasing after medical school. Alex ended up getting into his 1st choice and wanted to move 5 hours away. I told him that I didn’t know if this was the best option for me but he then told me that we should take a chance together and see how this goes. I ended up moving 5 hours away from my family. Alex could see that this move was definitely a huge step. We made sure to take small day trips to get away and explore around our new area. We decided to one day head to St. Augustine. We spent the day walking around and seeing all the sites.

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Alex told me he wanted to surprise me with something so we got back in my car and drove. I wasn’t fully sure where we were headed to but I had clothes waiting in the back for me and he told me he wanted us to get nice for it so I got dressed in my back seat and we finally made it to a park. My old friend Jonathan who is a well known photographer was waiting there when we pulled up. He told me that he loved me and that I always bring him such joy and luck so of course he wanted to wait for lucky number 7 to pop the question.

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I was so shocked and so happy that it finally came.

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It was destiny for us to fall in love.

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Who would have thought a young 17 year old girl would end up falling in love to the man she would be marrying? I guess lucky number 7 is a charm…

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Special Thanks

Jonathan DeHate
 | Photography