Hailey and Taylor

How We Met

So… we met the last 4th of July in 2017, at a mutual friends party, and that next night we stayed up until about 4 am in the middle of the road talking and looking at the stars. we instantly became close friends, even though he thought I was annoying because I cared and told him the truth he did not want to hear. Well I started dating someone else and he quit talking to me. In Feb of 2018 his tour van broke down in my hometown, and I met up with them, and it was the first time we had seen each other since I got out of the relationship. We instantly started talking and then Facetiming every day, soon enough I moved back to Virginia from Ga and we became inseparable. two best friends, who happen to kiss and date. Now 10 months later, here we are engaged!

How They Asked

So I have never had a new years eve party and he promised me we would throw one so I could finally get one! little did I know I was helping to plan my own proposal/engagement party!! everyone I wanted was invited, the champagne and drinks were there, the music, everything was PERFECT!!! MY DAD WAS EVEN THERE!! all night though we did not interact much because of how many people were over! So I didn’t think anything of it, little did I know it was because he was so nervous. so we started the countdown on tv, and at 10 seconds to midnight he whispers in my ear “in 10 seconds I am going to ask you to marry me” and I was shocked and told him ‘why would you say that? shut up!”

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And then he pushed me out into the middle of the living room and as it hit midnight all of our friends blew confetti poppers and he got down on one knee, and then I fell to the ground crying! I could not stop crying, and then we just partied the night away with all of our friends and family on Facetime!

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