Hailey and Ryan

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How We Met

Ryan and I were in the same second grade class. We knew each other growing up and became friends the older we got. We started “dating” in Jr. High and quickly became inseparable. Our freshman year of high school, I found out my parents were moving my family to Texas. Ryan and I were absolutely devastated but spent every second of that summer together. We grew so close and when I finally said my goodbyes, we expressed our Love for each other. We told each other that if its meant to be, we will somehow come back to each other and ended our relationship there. It was HEARTBREAKING. We would stay in touch and then our high school lives would get in the middle of everything. I would sometimes visit California and see Ryan and every single time i did, it was like i never left. Fast forward to high school graduation, i decided to move back to California for college. Ryan and i got back in touch and when i moved back out, it was like i never left. We knew we were each others soulmates. 7 years later, we got engaged.

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how they asked

Ryan had just gotten a new go pro and used the excuse that he wanted to go take video and photos at the beach to test it out. He let me know that he wanted to take me out to dinner after so to dress accordingly. I had NO idea what was happening as this was a usual for us. Luckily i had just gotten my nails done that very same day. We were walking along the beach enjoying the sunset and testing out the new go-pro when in the distance i saw something odd in the sand, as we approached and got closer, i could make out what it said and my instant reaction was NO WAY, OMG ITS HAPPENING!!!

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Written with wood and rose petals was “Will You Marry Me.” Ryan dropped to one knee and asked me to be his wife.

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It was literally the best day of my life. Our amazing photographer, Mike Arick, caught everything on photo so we can cherish them forever. He went on to also do our wedding photos.

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The BEST photographer ever. Ryan then took me out to one of our favorite restaurants in Laguna Beach, Las Brisas, and then had all of our friends waiting to celebrate once we arrived back at his place. A true dream come true!

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Special Thanks

Mike Arick
 | Photographer