Hailey and Rishil

How We Met

Rishil and I met the very first day of work at our sales orientation, 5 years ago. I nervously wandered into the lobby of our tech company, confused about where to go, and met a guy named Michael who eagerly showed me the way to orientation. I sat next to one of the most handsome guys ever, later I would learn was Rishil, but unsurprisingly I quickly embarrassed myself.

The company provided us with Surface devices and being a longtime Mac user I had no idea how to even turn mine on. I looked over to Rishil who already had his computer recognizing his face to sign him in, and asked for help on where the power button was. He helped me find it (top of the computer for anyone else confused), but I figured after that interaction there was no chance he wanted to be friends with me.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Riviera Maya, Mexico

Thankfully I was wrong, and fast forward a few years later and Rishil, Michael, and I were the best of friends. Since Rishil lived in Florida we would plan trips all over the country to meet up with fellow coworkers. When we finally both became single at the same time, Rishil took it as his opportunity to fly up to DC and take our relationship to the next level.

We were in the car with my parents heading to a winery when Rishil slowly reached over to grab my hand. I thought he dropped something, as I had no idea if he felt that I would ever be more than just a friend to him (you all can probably guess how this ends!). We start dating long-distance with him visiting nearly every week, and I moved in with Michael. He jokes that he was visiting so often to see our mutual best friend, but I think we all knew the real reason he came up to DC, and it wasn’t because of the nachos at Don Tito’s.

A year later Rishil moved to DC, we bought and renovated our first house, and he proposed a few months after we moved in! Michael is still our best friend, lives down the street, and will be marrying us next August. I feel immensely lucky that I met my best friend and future husband within minutes of each other on the same day!

Hailey's Proposal in Riviera Maya, Mexico

How They Asked

Last year Rishil had an amazing year in sales and won a free trip to a gorgeous all-inclusive resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico. It was a toss-up between who was going to get his coveted plus one spot, me or Michael, but thankfully he chose me for the trip. We had talked in general about getting engaged, but I didn’t think it would happen for another year because of the expenses of our home renovation.

He threw me off of his tracks ALL day, starting on the plane. I was looking at buying a star map that features the constellations from a date of your choice and asked Rishil which date he thought we should do (the first kiss, I love you, etc.). He quickly said it was a stupid idea and went to sleep. I was annoyed but didn’t think anything of it; little did I know what he was planning and wanted me to pick today’s date for the star map!

Proposal Ideas Riviera Maya, Mexico

We arrived at the hotel and immediately headed to the gorgeous infinity pool. While we were drinking cucumber mezcal margs (highly recommend) we somehow got on the topic of marriage. I was telling Rishil that I felt like initially, I wasn’t ready to get engaged and he was, and now it seemed like I wanted to and he didn’t. He responded with “I don’t know Hail, I’m just not ready yet.” *eye roll*

My birthday was the next day so Rishil had planned a big birthday dinner with some of our friends that were also on the trip. We went up to our room, napped, and he woke me up and was insistent that I had to get ready quickly so we could make it on time. He ironed my dress for me (he sneakily selected the white one!) and I hastily did my hair and makeup. He went to meet my friend Rachel at the beach to scope out the proposal spot while I finished attempting to pull myself together.

I met them down by the beach and Rishil gave me my birthday card, which is always elaborate collages of photos from our memories together. He walked me through the photos and said that we’ve done so many incredible things together this year and he couldn’t wait to do them with me forever.

I still didn’t have any idea what was coming until he reached into a Christmas themed wine bag (lol), and pulled out a ring box!

At that point, I blacked out and just cried and cried. I think at some point he put the ring on my finger and asked, “Was that a yes?!”.

After I got over the surprise I looked down and was beyond shocked at the ring. I had wanted an old mine cut diamond since I first saw one, but figured it wasn’t going to happen due to how hard they are to find. Of course, Rishil was able to find one through the amazing Tiny Jewel Box and needless to say I’m in love!

It was the best day and trip ever, and to top it off we’re getting married next August on my parent’s wedding anniversary!

Special Thanks

Rachel Lee
 | Photographer