Hailey and Michael

How We Met

Michael and I met a few months after I had moved to Arizona. I was hiking with a few friends of mine, and he happened to be hiking with a few of his. Our groups were not together though. A few years back, I had a pretty major knee surgery, so this hike was posing as a challenge for my knees, so I stopped near the peak to take a quick break. Michael, saw me sitting on a rock, and could tell I was in pain. He and his buddies stopped, and Michael helped wrap up my knee. His friends and my friends continued the hike; while Michael waited with me until I was ready to start hiking back down the mountain. Michael was so sweet and assisted me the entire way back down the mountain. At the bottom, he asked me for my number, and well; the rest is history!

how they asked

My now fiancé Michael and I were having a “tourist day” in Chicago after his work project. We spent the day sightseeing The Bean, Navy Pier, the John Handcock building, the Shedd Aquarium, and many other sites. It happened to be extremely windy on September 8th, and the waves of Lake Michigan were about 8-9 ft tall and pouring over the walking pier. My fiancé Michael is from Arizona, the land without water. He had never seen waves this big and wanted to “check them out”. I said sure! Little did I know this was the day he was going to ask me to marry him.

Hailey's Proposal in North Avenue Beach, Chicago IL

Hailey and Michael's Engagement in North Avenue Beach, Chicago IL

As we were walking down the beach to the pier, Michael looked at me and said “do you know how much I love you”, as he always does, and my response is always “how much?”, however his answer back to me was different this time, he said; “I love you so much that I want you to marry me”, me thinking he was just joking, since he always tells me that he’s going to marry me; said “I know, I know, one day!” And he looked at me, grabbed my hand, dropped to one knee and said, “Today is that day, Hailey, will you marry me?” I was completely shocked, ugly cried, and said YES! We cannot wait to start forever together. #DuffynitelyMeantToBe

Special Thanks

Cathy Whalen Photography
 | Photographer
Lauren B Jewelry
 | Helped my fiancé create a stunning engagement ring!