Hailey and Max

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How We Met

Max and I went to high school together; we knew of each other but didn’t hang out too much. our senior year he spontaneously asked me to the homecoming dance, and I fell head over heels for him that very first night. He was the most polite, sweetest, most genuine guy I had ever met. After the dance he dropped me off at my doorstep and kissed me goodnight and I was convinced we were gonna get married. After that night we hung out every single day. After about a month of dating for different reasons we went our separate ways.

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Three years later, after graduating and both serving church missions, we saw each other again and it was like things had never changed. At the time I was going to college in Utah and Max was working and going to school in Arizona so we did long distance for a few months, but we both knew that we wouldn’t last long apart.

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how they asked

Max and I were spending Christmas in Utah with my family for winter break, and on Christmas eve I had planned to go shopping with my mom and sisters, and max was going to hang out with my dad and brother. That morning as we were getting ready he came in and told me that some of his family friends had invited us to go horseback riding later that day and asked if I wanted to go. Knowing me, he was sure I was going to say yes. Sure enough, an hour later we were in Payson getting ready to ride some horses. After a 20 minute horseback ride into the mountains we rode up onto the prettiest view of the valley.

We got off of our horses so we could check it out and take some pictures. Off to the side there was a blanket set up with thermoses filled with hot chocolate. Max pulled me over to the blanket and we stood there talking for a minute. Then before I could even realize what was happening max looked me straight in the eye and reached for his pocket with a huge smile on his face. Then he got down on his knee and popped the question.

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I was TOTALLY surprised, the only thing I could say was “are you serious?” a million times (you can hear it in the video). it was the easiest question I’ve ever had to answer. it still feels like it was all a dream♡

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