Hailey and Marcus

How We Met

Marcus and I met our freshman year of college at Southern Virginia University. One morning, I was minding my own business walking to class and I suddenly heard a voice say, “You’re Hailey, right?” I turned to see a tall, dark and VERY handsome guy trying to keep up with my fast pace (I was late to class, but what else is new). We made small talk on the way to class and later that day he asked for my number via instagram DM and promised me he ‘wasn’t a creeper’. We eventually fell out of contact because I started dating someone else. After I ended that relationship, Marcus came back into my life spontaneously.

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I went home to Dallas, Texas for Christmas break and one night my family and I were watching The Princess Bride. I recorded the part when they were getting married and it said, “mawwiage is whaaat brwings us togadater todaaay” and put it on my Snapchat story. Marcus messaged me & told me how much he loved that movie. After not talking for several months we picked up right back where we left off. (At our wedding, it’s going to be so fun to say that mawwiage is whaaat rweeally brwings us togadater todaaay.) We FaceTimed every single day for several hours until we got back from Christmas break. The night we got back, we saw each other as soon as we could and went on our first date.

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Hailey and Marcus's Engagement in Honeymoon Island Beach

My dad and I drove my car from Texas to Virginia so Marcus met my Dad when he picked me up. My dad interrogated him a little bit but it went pretty well. After our first date, marcus and I were ‘hot and cold’ for several months. It took him THREE months to figure out that he wanted to date me & I’ll probably give him crap about it for the rest of our lives hahaha. After he got himself together and finally asked me to be his girlfriend I told him I would think about it?? I kinda wanted him to work for it after all the back and forth action he put me through over the past three months. But after a couple days of convincing & smooth talking I finally said yes!!! For the remaining time of the spring semester we had together, we made every day count.

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Marcus and I made so many priceless memories that I will always cherish. But our days together were quickly coming to an end because we learned that Marcus wasn’t coming back to Southern Virginia University. He took an opportunity to go play baseball for Webber International University in his home state, Florida. I supported his decision to chase his dreams but at the same time, him leaving terrified me. I knew I would do anything for him and that he would be worth the distance. We’ve been doing long distance for over a year now but it’s quickly coming to an end because we are getting MARRIED on June 30th this summer!!!

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I go to school in Virginia and Marcus plays baseball & goes to school in Florida. We’ve been apart for about a year now and try to see each other as much as we possibly can. But with both of our busy class schedule & his baseball schedule we usually only get about one weekend together every threeish months. This past February I took a long weekend off to go down to Florida and see him.

We had such an amazing weekend and on Sunday February 26th Marcus Begg delivered the most beautiful proposal and asked me to spend forever with him and I said YES!!! Marcus took me to ‘our beach’, Honeymoon Island.

We played in the waves and walked around for a little. Marcus started acting a little funny and walking fast. I told him annoyingly to slow down because my legs couldn’t move that fast in the sand. And when I looked up I saw a beautiful display with a big white blanket covered in rose petals and pillows. My heart started beating faster and faster as he walked me over to the blanket. He got down on one knee and popped the question!! I instantly started tearing up and hugged him. Then all of the sudden his entire family and a photographer popped out of the bushes!! They were so sweet and welcomed me into their family with open arms. I really scored in the in-law department. February 26th was one of the best days of my life & I will never forget how loved and happy I felt. I feel so lucky to be marrying such an incredible man & cannot wait to spend eternity with him.

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