Hailey and Luke


How We Met

Well, the first time I ever heard mention of Hailey was at a professional networking conference she organized at BYU-Idaho. She did an INCREDIBLE job, and I honestly didn’t really plan on going, but something prompted me to be there, so, I went! Lo and behold, she was on the social media panel for the event, and I followed her on Twitter. I sort of forgot about her, but a few months later I saw her tweet something that made me laugh, and I ended up tweeting her. She told me that I was supposed to slide in her messages, and I did!

We got sodas and chatted the next day, and then had our first date on Friday (sushi and a movie). About a week later, I knew she was special, so I asked her to be my girlfriend, and she said, “uhhh… I don’t know…” and a few days later she succumbed to my charm! A week later I told her I loved her, and it turned out that she loved me back. It was pretty quick, but when you know, you know! I am so glad she took the time to respond to a random internet stranger, because that one tweet changed my life forever.

how they asked

The Friday of our first date, I had originally planned to take her on a picnic at Mesa Falls, these GORGEOUS water falls about 40 minutes from where we live, but it rained. Fast forward a few months, and I had planned to take her to those same falls and end our dating relationship where I wanted to begin it.

On the 17th Hailey came home from a month long trip to Europe, and I had been dropping hints that I would be proposing on the 25th. Just little things like 25 letter instagram comments, and sneaky little hints leading her to believe that it would be a week later. When I finally got her home, I mentioned that I really wanted to go see all of the pretty places in the area before the leaves fell, and being the photographer she is, Hailey agreed! I met with her best guy friend that morning to plan the proposal and where he would hide for the proposal pics.

A few hours later I went and picked Hailey up from the school and we drove out to Mesa Falls. We listened to music and caught up on her trip during the drive and it just cemented the knowledge in my mind, I wanted to spend my whole life with this woman. The sun hid behind the clouds, and I couldn’t help but stare at this incredible woman in my passenger seat. She is literally the most incredible human I have ever had the privilege of meeting.

We got to the falls, and I had to figure out a way to get the ring box down to the falls without her noticing a ring box sized bulge in my jeans, so I tucked it into my sock, and pulled my pant leg over my boot, and we started the short hike down to the falls to “take pictures.” We walked down tons of stairs, looked at the falls, and I led her over to an observation deck where our friend Jake was hiding to capture the moment. We looked at the falls and I sort of beat around the bush for a minute while I pulled her in front of me to pull the ring out of my sock without her seeing. I pulled her around and into my chest while I gathered my thoughts and I said, “oh! There was something I was going to tell you. Wait, never mind, I forgot…”

By this point, my heart was beating out of my chest, my hands were a sweaty mess, and the speech I had planned had all but evaporated into thin air. I pulled back a little, pulled the ring out of my back pocket, knelt down and said, “Hailey Anelaonalanimakamae Tetsuko Kowalski, will you marry me?”


She sort of looked at me and said, “wait, are you serious? Yes!”

In that moment I felt this huge wave of relief wash over me. The literal woman of my dreams (that’s a story for another time) had just agreed to spend the rest of forever with me.


I don’t think my heart has ever been so full. It’s been a whirlwind, but I wouldn’t change a thing.


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Special Thanks

Jacob Kenning