Hailey and Josh

How We Met

Josh and I met the funniest way to me. We met on Tinder of all places!!!!!!! I was not expecting anything to come of me downloading the app, I just thought it might be fun to swipe on some people (LOL)! After a few conversations, I knew I needed this boy in my life somehow and finally, he asked me out on a lunch date (!!!!!!) Lunch went so great and we had a great connection and both shared a love for Memphis, TN, I was from there and he went to college there!!

Hailey's Proposal in Magic Kingdom

So that gave us so much to talk about already! We just couldn’t over the fact that we had lived in one city during an overlapping period but then met in HOUSTON! After that first date, we talked nonstop even immediately afterward and we made more plans and kept hanging out until one time Josh and I were sitting in the back of his Honda Pilot looking up at the sky and he called himself my BOYFRIEND!!! Just out of the blue!!! And I guess the rest of that is history ;)

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Magic Kingdom

How They Asked

It’s a long one! Just stick with me though!

So I kinda had a feeling we would get engaged in the near future. Josh and I had talked lots about it and we’ve lived together for a little while and even moved to a whole new city 2.5 hours from both our families and adopted a dog who is literally our whole world. It just made sense! I had no clue when it would happen though!

Josh’s mom was graduating with her doctorate in pharmacology (GO HEATHER!) from the University of Florida in Gainesville and I was going along with his family to cheer her on and after the graduation, we were traveling a little further down to DISNEY WORLD!!!!!!! To celebrate graduation! This was super exciting for me especially because this was going to be my first time at the parks and as a die-hard Disney lover, this was a dream come true. For months, Josh’s mom and I would sit in a corner and plan this trip and Josh would make fun of us!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Magic Kingdom

SO FINALLY!!!!!! The trip comes around and we drive 12 hours to Gainesville for the graduation and then 2 days later we drive 2 more hours down to Orlando!!!! I literally was shaking as we pulled into the parking lot of Epcot and I even screamed a little when I saw the big spaceship earth! We ran around Epcot all day and ate the best food and Josh was insistent that we go to the Magic Kingdom that day too, so we went to the hotel and unpacked a little and cooled off and then headed to the Magic Kingdom!!! My Disney heart could barely handle it!!!

The best part of this whole day was josh scrambling to figure out when he would propose and where because he realized the original spot wouldn’t have a Disney photographer to get the whole thing! Finally, as the day was winding down, we made it to Prince Eric’s castle and there was a photographer there (who was just as surprised as I was!) when we were getting ready to pose and Josh got down on one knee AND JUST STARED AT ME (LOL) until I said yes!!!! Later I finally told him he never actually asked but it’s okay, I knew what he meant! We spent the rest of the trip running around the happiest place on Earth as the happiest people on Earth ready to begin our Happily Ever After!

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